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How to Repair a Broken TV Screen

Plasma TVs are based on the flat screen technology where some tiny cells emit noble gases between two layers of glass. This gas is turned into electronic plasma from the glass layer. If you own Plasma TV and you are seeing some dead pixels, distortions, or burns on the screen, then it is better to repair the screen instead of replacing it. You can save your penny by doing the repairing work on your own. Following guide will make your work easier. Read on.

Complexity Level: Moderate

Time Required: 2-3 hours

Resources Required:

  1. Petroleum jelly
  2. Eyeglasses cloth
  3. DVD player
  4. Repair and protect DVD


1. If you see any scratch or crack on the screen

  • Use petroleum jelly: Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the crack and rub it slowly with an eyeglasses cloth.
  • Reapply the jelly: If needed, then reapply the jelly and rub it again.
  • Let the jelly dry: Once you apply the jelly and rub it with the eyeglasses cloth, don’t rush to switch on the TV. Wait for some time so that the jelly dries properly.

2. If you feel that the screen is distorted or there are some dead pixels on the screen

  • Connect DVD player: Connect your DVD player with the TV and power on both of them. If your TV has an inbuilt DVD player, don’t use it.
  • Set maximum resolution: Navigate to the main menu of the television and set the highest value for the resolution available. You can use the remote or the buttons available on the TV panel to see the main menu.
  • Insert repair DVD: Insert a pixel correcting DVD inside the DVD player. Press the “play” button from the remote and choose the repair functions that you want to run or let the DVD run all the tests.

3. If the screen is not working

  • Check the inverter: Remove the screws from the back and take out the back panel. Now, you will see the motherboard and a rectangular inverter. Remove the screws of the inverter and check for any fault in the wires because they provide power to the screen.
  • Replace the inverter: If the wires are connected properly then the inverter is not working any more. Buy a new one from any electronics shop and replace it. Place the screws as well as the rear panel back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I fix a broken screen of my plasma TV?

Yes, you can. However, instead of repairing the screen, you should buy a new one because the cost of the new screen will be more than the new TV.

2. Can I sell a broken TV?

If you try for some time, you can sell a broken TV. Many people buy to use it as spare part.

Quick Tips:

  1. If you have an internal DVD drive, then also use an external drive.
  2. You can purchase a pixel correction DVD at most electronic shops or from online stores.
  3. Rerun the pixel correcting DVD, if you do not see any changes in the pixels or other affected areas.
  4. Use the repair and protect DVD on a regular basis. It will keep the plasma TV in good condition as well as protect it.

Things To Watch Out For:

  1. If the plasma is dropping out from the screen, then do not try to fix it yourself, contact a technician.
  2. When you try turning your TV on and it’s not powering on, then do not try to repair it, contact a professional.
  3. Unplug the TV from the power outlet before performing any step.

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