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Security Loop doesn’t let you worry

combination lock alarm 3 security loop

All of us are extremely cautious of our belongings, especially when we are on the move. This superb security lock called the Security Loop is something which will keep all our worries at bay. Its a lightweight security cable with a built in alarm system. Just set the security code then pull the wire and secure your stuff. That’s it! You are done with securing your belongings.

It comes with a 3-digit combination lock which goes off the moment when the wire is cut. Made of a plastic body, it has buttons for ejecting and retracting cable. The cable, made of plastic-coated woven steel is retractable and strong. With a TSA key entry point it can be yours for $25.00. With so many features, the future of this Security Loop is quite secure. Pre-order it now!

combination lock alarm 5 security loop
combination lock alarm 6 security loop

Via : Quirky