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SHEEX-Performance Sheets with cutting edge technology

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With hometone focusing on the techie products you might be wondering why I’m here with the home furnishing item like bedding, right? Well, lemme tell you its not the ordinary bedding that’s something you would want to categorize as run of the mill. These cool new SHEEX-Performance Sheets are endowed with cutting edge technology making to be the world’s most advanced athletic apparel that promises superior level of comfort and performance.

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In comparison to the conventional beddings available today, these sheets come with a four-way omnidirectional stretch for unrestricted movement and better fit. Also, it’s easier to wick moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable enabling you to breathe 50% better, transfer heat 2X more effectively, dry 3X faster and the list of cool features is endless. You need not worry about the fading, shrinking and removing wrinkles. The bedding doesn’t leave any room for worry as these sheets are designed keeping all these things and mind and great care has been taken to avoid these problems. To wrap up, now you can boast of stylish techie bedding that’s just oh so cool!

Via: Greenhead