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The Shrine helps you stash away your private junk

The Shrine

If you are the kind of person who have a hard time keeping their keys in place and handy when they are needed, then The Shrine is not the kind of furniture you should have in your house. Created by German designer Sigurd Larsen as a clever and interesting way to store odds and ends that otherwise get stuffed and placed all over the house. The petite chest of drawers comes with a labyrinth-like design that comprises of many levels, multiple drawers and doors, and even hidden compartments which allows users to hide and store a lot of their little trinkets in one single place.

The Shrine was created to be a standalone piece of furniture that could be stood in the middle of a room without it looking out of place in the décor scheme. Since the chest of drawers comes with compartments and doors in literally all directions, it is also somewhat important to leave walking and sitting space all around it to be able to put the piece of furniture to full use. The best part about The Shrine’s design, however, is that its perfect cube shape allows it to blend in more seamlessly within the interior design of any room while its oak wood construction allows the practical piece of storage furniture to create a soothing and calmingly warm glow in a room as well.

With compartments of varying sizes, The Shrine can easily hold various little things of various sizes. So you can use the storage unit to keep your photographs, your junk jewelry, various little figurines that you don’t want to display around the house but don’t wanna put away in a box in your garage either, other little trinkets that have a lot of sentimental value to you, and even things you require in the course of your daily routine like your handsfree gear, your earphones, your cellphone chargers, memory sticks and USB drives, CDs, your keys, your make up things and even your accessories.

However, the best thing about the storage unit is also its more problematic feature. Though we absolutely love the idea of having separate compartments to store our junk thus sorting them out in different categories, we’re not a huge fan of having to carry around a whole bunch of keys for a single unit, and since each door in the unit is opened by a separate key, its gonna require one heck of a memory or a really good marking system to keep track of which key opens which door!

Source: Dezine