Six Signs to go for Window Screen Repair You Can’t Ignore

Window Screen Repair

Windows are not just a feature in your home. Standing near your window has a soothing effect when the sun rays fall on you, or the cool breeze passes through it. Well-maintained and clean windows also enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your home.

Most windows have both glass pane and screen to provide extra protection to your home. With time, they start showing signs of wear and damage. Timely window screen repair is vital to keep your house and family safe.

If a window screen is ripped or damaged, you shouldn’t delay fixing it as screens cover the window’s opening to keep leaves, debris, insects, and birds outside. Unfortunately, screen repair is yet one of the home improvement tasks that many homeowners neglect.

Here are a few reasons that you ignore that.

1. For Esthetic Appeal

home improvementA broken window screen creates the wrong impression about your home improvement skills. Whether you are expecting guests for a party or looking to sell the property, damaged windows can ruin the impressions and equate to negligence.

A visible sign of damage means that your old screen needs a replacement immediately. The repaired screen keeps your home safe from burglars, as well. Repairing or replacing them improves the overall appearance of your home. If you own pets, a new screen also offers a durable resistance against your fur babies’ scratching.

2. Difficulty in Opening and Closing

There is nothing like the cool breeze or sunshine coming through your window. But a broken window screen can make it difficult to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Screens save your windows from the elements of nature, but you need easy operability to prevent occasional rainwater or dusty winds from causing severe damages.

If you face difficulty while opening and closing the window, it is evident that the screen needs repair.

3. Prevention from Pest and Water Damage

No one wants pests to invade their homes. But, bugs, insects, and pollen can find their way into your home through damaged or broken window screens. Whether you have wood frames or aluminum windows, shrinking or warping can affect the lifespan of the screens and offer leeway to the intruding pests.

Window screen also deflects water and prevents it from pooling at the base of the window. Woodwork and glass may sustain damage with excess water during snowfall or rain, and mold can quickly build up.

Therefore, window screen repair by a trusted company is a must. The local window screen company will repair and fit the screen skillfully using the safest methods.

4. Keeps Window Clean

lifespan of windowThe lifespan of window screens is short due to constant exposure to elements, such as leaves, weather, debris, etc. It keeps your family and pets safe from allergies like cough, sneezing, or itchiness. Also, it keeps your window in perfect condition. Over time, grime, dust, pollen, mold, and dirt accumulated on the screen may cause chipping or fading.

The glass screen is built in such a way to protect you from outside dirt and allows water to sprinkle down quickly. But, the dirtier a screen gets, the shorter is its lifespan. Once in a little while, the screens may also get foggy. It happens when the outside drafts seep into the gaps and fog up the screen’s surface. If you notice this, contact a repair company to inspect, repair, or replace the screens immediately.

5. Prevents Heat Transfer and Noise

Window screens have special coatings that can prevent heat transfer in and out of your house. This heat protection keeps your interiors cool throughout the warm months.

A high-quality window screen also limits the inflow of outside noise that may irritate you, especially if you have severe health conditions. If you can hear your neighbor’s voice next door, it is time to call window screen repair experts.

6. Saves Higher Monthly Bill

A durable window screen also acts as a savior against high energy bills. During summers, window screens act as a defense to reduce sunlight coming into your house. It can provide an additional layer of heat protection and keep the cooling cost low in warm weather.

An increased invoice means your window screens have been compromised as they cannot protect your interiors from harsh sun rays.

Whenever you face any such issues, call professionals to fix your window screen. If you put it off for long, you may be jeopardizing the health of your family and property. So, when you notice gaps, cracks, chips, or scratches on the screens, don’t delay an inspection and repair schedule.

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