Six Stylish Additions to Any Bedroom

Stylish Additions to Any Bedroom

If you like a neat and tidy home that looks like magazine-perfect, you certainly aren’t alone, as many Australian homeowners care about how their living space is arranged. The Internet is a wonder of technology and you can spend a few hours looking at bedroom furniture and accessories, ordering what you feel fits with your décor.

The bedroom is a kind of private space and we like to make it a relaxing ambience while having everything we need at hand and if you are on the hunt for bedroom accessories, here is out top trending list for 2023.

1. Wool throw

Throw blankets are very practical and offer the chance to introduce texture and colour to the room. A wool throw blanket can be neatly folded and placed on the back of a chair and when the mercury drops, you have the natural warmth of wool to keep you snug. Alpaca wool is soft and feels great against the skin and when you are out for an evening winter walk, the throw can keep you warm. Rich colours and vibrant patterns allow you to coordinate the look and what’s not to like about alpaca wool throws?

2. Sheepskin rug

Australia is the best place on the planet for 100% natural sheepskin rugs; colours include black, white, chocolate, pinot and taupe – order from a leading Australian supplier and the rug can be placed next to your bed and be the first thing your feet touch when you rise in the morning. The ultimate in luxury, a couple of rugs are perfect for the master bedroom and with the long wool variety, comfort is the word.

3. Soft toys

How about a pair of Australian alpacas, one on each side of the bed? If you count sheep to get to sleep, why not have a few soft sheep scattered around the room? Natural colours and made from 100% natural materials, soft toys can brighten up any bedroom.

4. Wall art

The bedroom is a place for soothing wall art, perhaps a natural landscape, or Buddhist monks walking near rice paddy fields with the temple in the background; choose something with rich colour for a nice feature. 3D wall art is trending; Google Images can show you amazing wall art in 3D and for something different, this makes for a great addition to any room. If you are the anxious type, here are a few home styling tips to bring calmness and serenity into your living space.

5. Antique candleholders

Scented candles and a nice pair of Victorian candleholders give you all the lighting you need on those cold winter evenings when you can wrap your wool throw and enjoy that book you’re reading.

6. Buddha sculptures

A few teak Buddhist sculptures would look great in any bedroom environment; browse online suppliers where you’ll find unique Asian art with a Buddhist slant and don’t forget incense holders and sticks to soothe your mood before sleep.

The web is the best thing to happen to humanity and when you’re looking for bedroom accessories, Google will take you to the right places. Shopping online offers the exact same consumer rights as if you purchased in a store and prices are lower too. 

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