8 Calming home decor tips to help you overcome anxiety

overcome anxiety

Anxiety is a debilitating emotion and can be set off by the smallest, most unpredictable of things. It is not easy to function normally in a state of perpetual worry, fear and uneasiness. Sometimes, it can be your surroundings which set off your anxiety attack.

You might be undergoing treatment for your anxiety, but, apart from that, there are a few simple adjustments you can make to your home’s décor to keep your nervousness at bay, and lead a peaceful existence. Here are a few calming home décor tips which will help to stay serene and calm within your home:

8 Calming home décor tips

1.     Open spaces

Open spacesYour anxiety may increase due to the environment. To overcome anxiety, try to incorporate an open plan home décor. If your home is chock full of décor objects and furniture, it might upset you subconsciously and make you feel nervous. Experts suggest that an open, airy home is better suited for those who have anxiety.

One of the calming home décor tips is that there should be a lot of space between the bigger pieces of furniture, such as the couches/sofas and dressers, or between the kitchen table/island and cupboards/dressers. You could place a couch or comfortable chair near the window in the living room/drawing room, where you can sit and bask in the sun. Warm sunlight is very therapeutic, apart from providing the body with much needed vitamin D.

Lack of vitamin D causes panic, anxiety attacks and depression, so having an airy home full of natural light is the first tip for decorating house which is soothing for you. You should not feel cramped or suffocated within your home, so don’t feel that you have to fill every empty nook or corner with something. A sparsely decorated room will help to keep you grounded, relaxed and steady. 

2.     Soothing fragrances

Create a relaxing room by burning some soothing essential oils like lavender, in a pretty oil diffuser. There are many options for oil diffusers to suit every kind of interior scheme. You can use your favorite fragrance but to reduce anxiety, rose and lavender are the scents most often used. You could burn incense sticks too, if you want.

3.     Fresh flowers

Fresh flowersThe simplest and most effective calming home décor tip is to incorporate some fresh flowers into your home. Pick up some fresh flowers when you are buying or groceries or fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market. Flowers add beauty and smell fresh and wonderful. You could beautify many areas of your home – in your living room, bathroom, bedroom and so on. You could keep some of your favorite plants on the kitchen window sill.

It is very uplifting to see fresh flowers in your home, whether you are a stay at home person or you work outside and return home to enjoy the dash of natural beauty in your home.

4.     Reduce harsh lights

To overcome anxiety, stress and tension, experts suggest that harsh light should be reduced or controlled, even natural light. It’s fine to have early morning sunshine streaming through the home, and is even considered therapeutic. But it’s best to close the curtains against the strong mid-afternoon afternoon sun, as it might trigger a headache or cause you unnecessary stress.

Blackout curtains or blinds are perfect to decrease the sunlight/ harsh light from outside. The patterns and colors should be soothing too. Do not go for red or yellow hues, but blues and greens would be soothing. Lavender too is a relaxing shade and simple floral patterns look beautiful and remind of nature. It provides relief when you look at them and is one of the best calming home décor tips you can think about including in your décor.

5.     Serene Colors are desirable

Serene Colors are desirableThe color scheme is a major design element. Different colors have different qualities and elicit different responses from us. So, before choosing a color, you should do your research about the colors. For example, a particular shade of red can be over-stimulating and will not allow you to relax, or an over-bright green or blue shade might make you uneasy. So while decorating house, you should go for soothing colors like soft blues and greens which calm you down.

Blue should be the color of choice for bedrooms especially, as it has been proved that blue reduces blood pressure, sets you on the path of a relaxed sleep and generally calms your frayed nerves. If you want to use wallpaper, maybe you can select a floral blue print on blue, or maybe soft, fluffy clouds on a soft blue sky background might cheer you up! Always choose the wallpaper which puts a smile on your face and makes you relaxed, and you will not regret your decision.

6.     What you sleep on matters

A good quality mattress is one of the best investments you can make. It’s not really a part of home décor, but a mattress which is just right will help you unwind easily every night. Sound sleep is one of the factors which can reduce anxiety attacks and quality bedding will enhance your sleep quality. 

7.     Fill your home with indoor plants

Excellent-Indoor-PlantInterior decorators have been using plants to decorate homes for years. Now, research has proven that indoor plants not only purify the indoor air, but also decrease stress. Plants remind us of nature, and being surrounded by nature is probably the biggest stress buster. As calming home décor tips go, including plants as part of your home décor is one of the best tips which can be easily and affordably executed too.

8.     Don’t fill the shelves

It seems clutter might increase stress hormone levels. Clutter could also be knick knacks or books filling up the bookshelves or too many trinkets on the mantelpiece. Apart from the visual disturbance, these objects also collect dust and allergens. Keep décor objects to a minimum, which will be easier to clean and will not fill you with anxiety.

Lighting candles, essential oil fragrances which waft through your home bathed in the soft glow of light, and with a tranquil décor is the perfect environment for those who suffer from anxiety.

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