Compact homes : Smart kitchen for small apartments

 bigkit3 OxeYR 1822

Here’s yet another cool and futuristic concept that reminded me of a line that I wrote in one of my post-‘Having a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to think small’. Remember? For all you folks out there who live in small apartments, Jonathan Owen Pearson has designed a wonderful compact kitchen that makes cooking all the more a cherishing experience.

 bigkit2 JS2Xl 1822
What’s different? The free standing kitchen unit comes fully equipped with all the necessities and the niceties of a kitchen. It features a refrigerator, a wash basin, an oven, ample storage space, built-in wine cooler and not to forget, a stylish lighting system that adds to its splendor. All in all, a very cool and futuristic kitchen concept anyone would fancy!

Via: Jopdesign

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