Smart thinking and good habits can make your home theft-proof

Making your home high on safety against thefts and burglaries is not that tough and expensive. All you need to do is to put into practice a mixture of smart thinking and good habits. These two things can save you from evil burglars who keep an eagle’s eye on your wealth and belongings. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to make your home a safer place.

 Be cautious while choosing a location

Be cautious while choosing a location

The location of a house speaks volumes about its security factor. So, you really need to be cautious while you choose a house for yourself. Before taking a decision, spare a good deal of time and visit the location in person. Talk to your would be neighbors and other people and derive some real facts about the place and its inhabitants from them. If you do not get contentment from this research of yours, you can always visit the local police station and enquire about the crime rate in the area where you are planning to shift.

Use high-quality doors with deadbolts

Make sure your house has high-quality doors, especially the front door. The second step should be to install deadbolts on your doors. Deadbolts offer an increased safety against burglars, as it is difficult to break – in with the deadbolts installed on doors. Every exterior door must a deadbolt on it, with at least an inch of the bolt portion inside the doorframe.

Smart Tips

Do not forget to check all the windows and doors before going to bed every single night. Keep an eagle’s eye on anyone whom you call at home for services like a plumber or a carpet cleaner and ensure that do not steal anything or while going out they do not leave a window open, so that they can come back with a big plan of burglary. Do not ever hide a spare key under your foot mat, flowerpot or stones, as thieves know these tactics like the back of their hand. Train your children not to talk about their home affairs with strangers.

get a dog

Get a dog

A dog cannot make your home theft-proof but it surely can reduce the risk factor. So, having a pet dog at home will anyway benefit you. Burglars are super smart, so the best way to fight them is by putting into use your extraordinary smartness skills. So, even if you do not own a dog, hang a plate with words inscribed – Beware of dog, at your gate. It will help.

Maintain a friendly relation with your neighbors

Get to know your neighbors well and they should also know you well. Live like a community, you should know about your neighbor’s possessions and routine, and vice-versa. You should know the familiar faces and not so familiar ones. This way, you could actually trace out suspicious things happening around and save your home from thefts or any crime.

Keep safety in mind while landscaping

Tall grass, overgrown hedges, trees, and shrubs around your home serve as an ideal place to hide out for the burglars. So, ensure regular trimming of these vegetations surrounding your home.

Install a CCTV in your home

God forbid, if the burglars ever succeed in breaking into your home, so the CCTV installed will capture all their activities and probably their faces also, which will give evidence and a direction to police investigations eventually leading to recovery.

Fit a burglar alarm

Fit a burglar alarm

You can fit burglar alarms in your home and activate them every night or the time when you go out, so that they alarm you as well as your neighbors if the thieves enter your home and get them caught.

Motion Sensitive Lighting

Darkness is the biggest advantage for the burglars. So go in for motion sensitive lighting and deprive the thieves of the chance to use darkness as a strategy. The lights will turn on even with the slightest of movement, making it a nightmare for the burglars to solve their purpose of breaking-in.


These are some of the very basic yet valuable measures you can consider I norder to save your home from the thief-attack.

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