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Feng Shui element for energy and health flow in your living space

The concept of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, pronounced as ‘Feng Shway’, was developed in China thousands of years ago. These are basically some tips or some changes that you can bring to your home décor to make it more harmonious and healthy. It is believed that by incorporating Feng Shui elements in your home, you can bring in positive energy, health, peace of mind and joy into your home. In any home, generally the members spent most of their time in the living room. The living room is where your guests are seated and spend their time. Living room is the space that can also be called the doorway into your home. That is why people do pay extra attention when it comes to decorating their living room. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate Feng Shui elements into your living room.

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Let wealth flow into your home

Keeping a small fish tank in your living room will not only add more to beauty of your room but also can usher in prosperity.

Energy flow

De-cluttering the living room of any unwanted items will free up closed energy. It will throw out negative energy and usher in positive one.

Good luck for your home

An important item mentioned in Feng Shui is bamboo. You can place a bamboo plant in your living room for inviting good luck. Also called the Feng Shui plant, it is also a symbol of letting your spirit flow generously and being flexible.

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Balance elements to create harmony

The basic principle behind Feng Shui is maintaining equilibrium between the masculine and feminine elements in a room, known as yin and yang. You can achieve this balance by placing fresh flowers in the room. Do not place dry flowers, as they are considered ominous as per Chinese tradition.

Mirror on the walls

A mirror in a room can help in making the room appear bigger. In Feng Shui, the mirror should be placed in such a way that it reflects the view of the beautiful outdoor or any good view. It allows an inflow of positive energy.

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Choose the right furniture

Feng Shui also has certain guidelines for furniture in the living room. Opt for round shaped furniture as it lends a welcome feel to the whole atmosphere creating harmony and peace. It is considered that chairs and seating furniture with high back and comfortable arm position lend an easy and protective look. Seats should be arranged around a centre table or they should face the fireplace. Feng Shui discourages having a TV as the focal point as it can bring about disharmony in the house.


By applying Feng Shui elements in your living room, you can ensure prosperity, health, harmony and a flow of positive energy.

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