Stainless steel gets improved on durability and bacteria resistance

Stainless Steel Kitchen

Stainless steel has come a long way. Its usage can be seen quite widely, right from kitchen ware to office buildings and in many more applications. Used vastly because of its durability and easily cleanable properties, it has become one important part of modish interiors. Scientists at the university of Birmingham have discovered a new way to make stainless steel more durable, harder and antibacterial.

According to them, introducing copper and silver into the steel surface using active screen plasma or ASP technique gives a new hybrid metal. Nitrogen and carbon is also introduced to the stainless steel through this process. The advantage of using silver is that it has bacteria killing property, while nitrogen and carbon help the stainless steel to get harder and durable even for long term use.

So, at last you get a product which will help keep your kitchen bacteria-free and reduce your chances of falling sick, even as the much harder steel is all set to last longer. When a test was conducted on this material by using it in medical instruments, it was found that even after 120 cleanings, the antibacterial properties of this material were still present and it was still highly durable.

Via: Physorg/technabob

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