Startled of those untimely mood swings? Change it!, through Pixel wall

change it pixel wall 2

Ever seen a big mural of colors on a capacious wall of triangles? This concept of an analog pixel has been created by ace Designer Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov or Amirko.

Titled as Change it!, this Wallnado equips the homeowner to customize their home walls to form design models of their choice. The pixel blocks of the wall can be arranged to various patterns ranging from rainbows, textual patterns and cartoon or video game characters.

change it pixel wall

The science behind its working is also ingenuous. As the innumerable triangles painted in White, Black with a dash of Rainbow colors club together in order to form a series of prism append through rods. This further kinds of adjusts itself to various angles to generate a collage of colors as desired.


Interestingly for now, you may have to satisfy your mood sways by just switching colors, but we hope that in future, we have an array of options to choose from. Did anyone think of body parts, furs or even animal shapes for that matter?!

Via: Technabob

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