Inclusive Four Flip clothes drying rack

four flip drying rack

The Four Flip drying rack is a redesign which can perfectly live up to the demands of the older and disabled people. At the same time, owing to the nature of The four Flying drying rack, it could be considerably accounted as an “inclusive design” as it extends the purpose to any user. The intention of the design was to cause clothes drying more lenient to the disabled and older.


Drying clothes demands a minimized measure of physical strength and mobility. It might be hard for older and disabled people. Indeed, designer Laura McNeill who is into Industrial and Interaction designing, scrapes up with the conception of The Four Flip drying rack to eliminate this problem.


The designer came up with the conception of The Four Flip drying rack inclusive design conceiving older and disabled people as the target group.


Apparently, the rack can be wall mounted at any height which brands it idealistic for wheelchair and non wheelchair users alike. The four racks has the capacity to hold a full load of washing. All the four racks connected together using coupling rods. This facility permits each one to move at the same time with the others, consequently guaranteeing the product can well be taken from its unsloped store pose, to its functional position at 90 degree to the wall. It is absolutely easy to use and store. Additionally, it is smaller than the other usual racks, accommodative at any place around the house. The black and silver looks affords it a opulent appearance. The price tag of the product is competitive for the market.

Fact box:

Name: The Four Flip drying rack
Designer: Industrial Designer Laura McNeill
Corrosion resistant
High quality surface finish
Retail Price: £50

Via: Coroflot

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