Stranded Without a Working AC in Los Angeles? Here’s What You Can Do

Stranded Without a Working AC in Los Angeles

With temperatures reaching almost 90°F in the city of Los Angeles, it can be quite uncomfortable being stuck without an air conditioner to cool things down. If the emergency AC repair services can only reach your house in a few hours or even a day, then you can try any of our fun DIY cooling techniques to keep the heat at bay.

Use Fans

Use FansYes, we know it’s really old school, but running a fan in different rooms of the house can be quite efficient. Fans use air in the room to create a chilly wind. It has been tested and proven that fans can cool your body temperature with 4 degrees.

To make the fan more efficient, you can put a damp towel or a bowl of ice in front of it. This will allow the fan to blow much cooler air through the room.

Unfortunately, fans aren’t permanent solutions as they don’t actually lower temperature within the room like AC units do.

No Fan? No Problem

In the unfortunate case where you don’t have a fan available, there’s a solution. Put a big block of ice or a bunch of smaller cubes on a baking tray or on wax paper. Creating an igloo-effect in your home will keep you cool until your AC is permanently fixed.

Reduce Heat from Inside the House

Reduce Heat from Inside the HouseAppliances like stoves, drying machines, dish washers, and ovens generate enough heat to create a sauna. Reduce heat being generated within your home by switching it all off until the repairman comes.

Why not try some homemade ice popsicles and cool treats instead of cooking up a warm meal? Here are some great recipe ideas for summer day cool treats:

Block Sun from the Outside

Rooms that face the sun (east or west) are difficult to keep cool. One way to avoid warm sunrays shining through windows is to draw the curtains. Curtains with white backing or block-out curtains are the best to keep the home cool.

Sure, it will be a bit dark inside, but it’s worth the temporary sacrifice. You can always move a few abundantly big pot plants and trees in front of those windows to create a natural shade.

Use Wet Clothes and Towels

Use Wet Clothes and TowelsA great hack to keeping cool is to put a dampened cloth on the back of your neck. If you don’t mind getting wet, you can even dampen your clothes or a big towel and place it over your body.

It’s difficult to sleep at night when it’s sweating warm and your AC is broken. You can put an ice pack near your feet, neck, and other ligaments (if you wish) to keep extra cool. Remove packs from the bed once you’ve cooled down.

Whatever you do, don’t try to fix the AC yourself. You might just turn a minor problem into an irreversible catastrophe. Rather wait for a professional contractor to come and fix the problem, or implement any of the mentioned tips in the article above.

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