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Strike 2 in 1: Matchbox and lighter in your pocket



Thomas Hyland, Boulder, CO


Thomas Hyland has designed a smart concept, which is about to replace the matchboxes needed in kitchen or around the house to light fire. This small matchbox is made up of brushed stainless steel and is extremely compact with 45 matchsticks in it, which needs to be stroked with the metallic part to get fire. Its top dial needs to be twisted to get a stick, one at a time. This tiny matchbox can be in your pocket against a price tag of $15.

What‘s unique

Strike is made for lighting and storing matchsticks and lights them on each strike. This matchstick can be taken out by twisting open dial and gets lighted with the strikes on the material-coated barrel while removing out. The textured bottom of the strike will ignite the matches.

High points

It’s a combination of smart design and functionality in a compact form.

Very small and compact allowing the user to carry it anywhere in the pocket.

As it is metallic, moisture can’t affect its functionality as easily as it does to normal matchboxes.

A pack of sticky strike pads is included in it.