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Make a strong front door with Feng Shui

Strong Feng Shui door

The front door of the house isn’t only a gateway, it tells a lot about the house, the state of its positivity and even opens way for the good energy to flow in. In Feng Shui, a lot of things revolve around the positive energy, the Chi. According to Feng Shui, this Chi enters a house through the front door. Like many other elements, Chi also gets attracted towards door due to some elements, similarly a negative element may be enough to repel it. Surely, you’d never want the positive energy to take a U-turn from the main gate instead of entering the house. For this, you need to ensure that your front gate attracts the positive energy and make sure that it works in sync with the rules of Feng Shui. The more balanced the main door is, the better is the quality and quantity of Chi entering. So get ready, give way to Chi to enter your abode and to create a healthier balance in your life. You’d surely like to know the ways to make the front door better and balanced. So, here are they.

Keep the area clean

A clean door

Try and keep your front door and the area near it as clean and dirt free as possible. The cuts, clutter, garbage etc describe the ‘health’ of your front door. The cleaner it is, the healthier it would be. So, make sure that you keep it sufficiently hygienic in terms of cleanliness. There shouldn’t be any trace of wear and tear.

Avoid obstructions

No hindrance

Simplest way to keep the door obstruction-free is to understand whether air entering through it would meet any hindrance or it would be able to flow freely and smoothly. To ensure it, don’t place things that might destruct the flow. The entry should be unobstructed and wide. Don’t place pots, vases, fountains or any sort of decorative items that may become a hurdle for the positive energy. They should never come exactly in front of the door either outside or inside. Completely avoid pots that are broken or wearing. Even don’t align things so as to form an obstruction for the air entering from sides of the door.

No place for negative elements

Keep positive elements near the front door

Feng Shui believes that broken, cracked, shedding, wearing things have a touch of negativity. They steal the vibrancy and the freshness from the atmosphere; hence keep such things totally away from the main door. If you have garden near the front door, put that extra effort to keep it well maintained and fresh. Chop off dried and dead plants as soon as they lose life. They just add to melancholy instead of doing anything for your garden. Give ample space to positive plants, and the garden shouldn’t be shabby.

Ask yourself, how does your front door look?

Good looking door

You are the best person to analyze this. Just keeping the floor clean may not be enough. Check the condition of your door. It shouldn’t look like a rusty old piece of furniture. If you have to choose for the material of the door, select a solid wood door. In case you have decorated the door, remove all the stains and remains after the occasion. Don’t leave tapes and stickers adhering to the door. Every single bit of detailing right from the door knob to the door color should exude vibrancy. It doesn’t mean that you splurge on changing it every year. Only keeping it well polished and clean is enough. Do timely dusting to avoid dust marks.

It should open in the right direction

Where does it open

This is a very important point. Directions define a lot of things in Feng Shui. It is strictly believed that any sort of obstacle in front of the main door might lead to some difficulties. So, your door should open at the corner of any other house and there shouldn’t be any tree, pillar or post in front of it. Totally avoid the main gate position that opens towards a church, temple or monastery etc, it might create slight difficulties. One main point is the size of the door. The size of the main door should be according to the size of your house. In no case should it be too large compared to your house or too small.

Select the right color

Color magic

The color of the front door should be selected according to the direction that it opens in. It is not a random selection. In case your door opens in the Southern direction best colors for it would be colors of fire like red, yellow, orange, pink etc or more woody colors like green and brown. You can consult a Feng Shui expert to guide you through the entire process of selection of colour or even selection of the door direction.

Two leaf door

With the front door it’s not only about selecting the right color or decorating it right. Your front door should be in accordance with the Feng Shui rules. It’s preferable if there is a strong roof on your main door. Avoid building toilet or bathroom above it, though it may seem space saving but it is totally against the Feng Shui rules. It’s better if your main door has two leaves instead of having just one door leaf. To keep the entry of Chi unhindered, it’s advisable that your main door opens to an open space both inside and outside. On both the sides the space should be uncluttered.