Surprise your kids with these backyard playground ideas

children playing hide and seek

Playing outdoors, spending time in the sunshine and surrounded by greenery has been proven to be extremely beneficial for kids. Apart from this fact, kids can play safely in your backyard, under your eyes and have a lot of fun. Kids need to spend time outdoors, away from the television and electronic devices. This gives a boost to their imagination and helps them develop team spirit too, when they play with other children outdoors. Here are some cool background playground ideas which will make your backyard a thrilling, exciting play space for your kids and their friends:

13 background playground ideas for your home

1.  Giant bubble contest

boy holding hula hoopsKids love it when you play with them and one of the best games is a giant bubble contest. See who can blow the most bubbles using hula hoops, wading pool and a bubble solution you can make at home. One of the best background playground ideas we really liked. It’s one of the ideas for some cool summer fun!

2.  A backyard ‘challenge’ course

One of the ways which can transform your backyard into a great play space for kids, is to set up a ‘challenge’ or ‘wipeout’ course. It’s very easy to do this as you can place household items and build the course which your kids have to complete, run through and jump over. It can be a temporary course which you can take down whenever you want.

3.  Build a wonderful teepee

wonderful teepee in the gardenA teepee or a number of teepees, one each for your kids and friends can be made quite easily. You could also put anall-weather tent in the backyard, big enough to hold 3-4 kids, where they can have tons of fun in all kinds of weather. Your outdoor play area will become an exciting place for your kids. Your children will treasure all the memories of playing and having outdoor sleepovers in the tent when they grow up.

4.  Music wall

This idea is incredible easy and will keep your little ones busy for hours. Build a harmonious music wall by fixing a small picket fence on your boundary wall. On this picket fence, you can attach pots and pans, pie racks, keys, wind chimes and other odds and ends which your children can play on. Guide them to play a nice tune on their unique outdoor musicalinstrument. It’s one of the best background playground ideas you can implement in your yard.

5.  Install a chalkboard outdoors

chalkboard installed outdoorsThe chalkboard idea is one of the best background playground ideas we came across. All you have to do is install as big a chalkboard as you can, in your backyard. It can look like a school chalkboard as little children love playing ‘teacher’. You can buy dust-free chalk in many different colors and let free reign to the children’s creativity.

The board in the outdoor play area can be used to teach them in the sunshine, and the best thing is that it will keep your home’s walls free of your toddler’s artistic expression!

6.  Create a natural waterfall and pool

This idea is perfect for kids who are a little older, maybe 8 years old and above. They should also know how to swim, so that they can spend time in your DIY natural pool. And they would definitely go crazy about the waterfall in their own backyard.  This idea would make the backyard the perfect play space for kids.

7.  Tire swing

A DIY swingA DIY swing is of course a must-have for the yard. Your children can spend hours swinging from the swing, especially the rope swing just as you must have done in your childhood. You have to have a tree in your backyard to implement the DIY swing, which could be just a simple tire swing. Attach a strong and sturdy rope to the tire and tie this to a strong branch of the tree. Or else if you’re a little crafty you can make a wooden swingset for your kids. And if you’re not a crafty soul, invest in a wrought iron swingset which both you and your kids can sit in and swing gently for hours.

8.  Backyard twister

Twister is a favorite game indoors. Making an outdoor version of this as one of the best background playground ideas. Using some red, green, yellow and blue spray paint, paint a few rows of colorful circles which are some inches apart on the lawn. The circles will be cleaned when you mow the grass a few times.

9.  Mystery garden path

children playing hide and seekPlant many different shrubs, grasses, wildflowers and plants along your garden path in the backyard. Children will have fun guessing and the plants, play hide and seek among the shrubs and have many adventures. You can research on the many different ways to create a magical garden path or paths your children will enjoy over the years.

10.  Abacus in the yard

Another background playground idea is setting up an abacus for your growing children. You can cut out some colorful sponges and string them together. It’s a fantastic way to teach children basic math, and doing that outdoors is a chance for you and your kid to get some much needed vitamin D.

11.  Zip line

Zip-line-is-a-fun-activityIt’s a fun activity which you associate with vacations. Bring this activity right into your backyard. The zip line is one of the background playground ideas, which is fun, loved by them and give them exercise too.

12.  Whiteboard in the yard

If you have an old whiteboard which is so marked that you can’t use it anymore, repurpose it as a children’s board outdoors. Let the kids paint outdoors with anything they want (including mud!) and have the time of their lives.

13.  Backyard sandbox

Backyard sandboxBuild a sandbox with some recycled wood or planks you might already have in the home. Fill up the box with loads of sand, and you can provide some shade with a cloth canopy and stands at the corner of the box. Make the box big enough for your kid and a friend or sibling to play in. Your tiny tots would be absolutely delighted by their own beachy sandbox.

Treehouses, climbing spaces and waterslides made with a camping tarp are other great ideas for your backyard. All these wonderful backyard playspace ideas will make your backyard the favorite space of your kids in the home.

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