Sustainably creative discarded chair dragon

7 14 chair dragon 0 rect540

Imagine one day you get up in the morning and see a giant dragon in your garden. Sounds scary? How about taming it? Well, not a real one! Here’s a dragon that will sit in your lawn or backyard but won’t scare you. Discarded chair dragon by Benjamin Jones and Anna Hecker is a giant 30′ long sculpture made from numerous chairs that actually was seen as a part of trash. Sustainably creative, this giant dragon is a great source of inspiration for us as to how we can use the old discarded furniture and show off our creativity.

7 14 chair dragon 1 rect540
7 14 chair dragon 3 rect540
7 14 chair dragon 4 rect540
7 14 chair dragon 5 rect540
Via: Apartmenttherapy

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