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The Dos and Don’ts of Picking Out a Kitchen Color Scheme

Picking Out a Kitchen Color Scheme

Although it may appear to be a simple task, selecting colors for your kitchen requires careful consideration to avoid making a mistake you may eventually regret. Since your kitchen is likely to be the busiest area in your home, it’s critical to establish a welcoming atmosphere. Your kitchen should evoke feelings of creativity, warmth, and a sense of belonging. The colors you choose for your kitchen will have an impact on the mood of your entire home, so it’s crucial to get it right the first time. You are probably not alone if you are having trouble picking a color scheme for your kitchen.

Kitchens are relatively hard to design. Because the kitchen is essentially a working space, many people prefer functionality over style in terms of furniture, equipment, and even wall paint. But there’s a way to balance both.

Color is the simplest method to add style to a kitchen, but choosing colors for a kitchen can raise plenty of additional issues. Luckily, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts for picking a kitchen color scheme to assist you in making your decision.

The Dos of Kitchen Color Scheme

1. Take Expert Advice

When it comes to choosing a kitchen color scheme, it’s easy to get confused, so seek professional advice whenever possible. These professionals are masters at determining the best colors for a client’s space and personality. Some color advisors’ firms are dedicated to assisting clients with color selections; others work as interior designers or architects that provide color consultation as part of a broader variety of services. If you want to pick color schemes or install upmarket contemporary kitchens, kitchens Brisbane is the best expert firm to assist you with a great color palette for your kitchen.

2. Consider The Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen has a big impact on how colors appear. The more natural light you have in your kitchen, the more real the colors will appear. If your kitchen is small and dark, you will have to consider a color scheme that will make the area look bigger and more inviting. You can still paint your walls a dark tone, but only if your countertops and cabinets aren’t dark.

Alternatively, if you believe white cabinets are dull, go for lighter-colored cabinets that will add color without absorbing all of the light and making the room feel claustrophobic. The amount of natural light that enters your house and the type of lighting you have in your kitchen can impact how your selected colors appear and feel.

3. Look Carefully What’s in The Kitchen

A kitchen isn’t empty. Kitchens have more elements to consider when picking a color scheme than other parts of the house. The colors and tints of worktops, cupboards, and appliances contribute to the overall aesthetic and may conflict with the color combinations you choose. Decide if you want to repaint cabinets or install a new countertop as part of your kitchen remodeling project. If this isn’t part of your project, you will have to work around the current colors and patterns. The kitchen floor also adds depth to the room, something which you will have to work with if you don’t have new flooring in the budget. Consider how multiple wall colors will contrast with different hardwood or tile flooring hues. If the pattern in your floor is multicolored, consider incorporating one of those shades into your kitchen color palette.

The Don’ts of Kitchen Color Scheme

1. Don’t Ignore the Undertones

Paint colors are usually made by combining two separate tones of paint, so when you look at a paint color, you are looking at two different colors together. One is the primary color or mass tone,the other is the color that achieves that specific tone. To put it another way, two paints with the same overall tone but different undertones will appear to be completely different. Since your kitchen has a lot of cool elements, choosing a warm undertone, even if the overall tone is cool, will look odd. Comparing the shade of paint with the “pure” tone of the same color is the greatest approach to choosing the perfect color for your kitchen. When you compare your chosen shade to the pure shade, you can see the undertone more easily and decide if it would work in your room.

2. Don’t Forget About Connecting Areas

Don’t forget about adjoining rooms in your color theme. An accent wall can provide more color to an open dining hall or a living area. By dividing a few of the room’s colors all across the surrounding spaces, you may connect the color scheme. Also, think about the rest of your home. If you want to go with a modern kitchen design but your property is older, it’s worth adding key features for the sake of consistency. To avoid inconsistencies in the house, keep the color schemes of the rooms similar. In this case, adding a feature wall in the kitchen is a terrific approach to experiment with color.

3. Don’t Overdo It with The Color

It is possible to utilize any number of colors successfully in a room, but adding too many colors might make the space appear cluttered or disorganized. Many people adopt a no-fail technique of using three colors: two bolder colors and a neutral color. The 60-30-10 rule is commonly used in this method, with your primary color taking up 60% of the room, the neutral color 30%, and the secondary bold color 10%. If you follow this rule, the room will feel balanced rather than overpowering. You would not want your kitchen to resemble a paint explosion in the future. You may create a classy style that isn’t outmoded by following this 60-30-10 rule. For example, go with grey cabinetry and have the main wall painted a different color to make it stand out. If you are unsure which colors go well together, get a color wheel or consult your contractor.

Key Takeaway

Always keep in mind that the kitchen is a meeting spot in your house. Friends may join you in the kitchen or share a drink with you, and you will prepare family dinners in this area for years to follow. If you want a kitchen that suits you and your personality, always keep these dos and don’ts in mind before choosing a kitchen color scheme and you will get to enjoy this space for years to come.

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