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The Elymas Prediction table forecasts your future

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The Elymas Prediction table is a unique side table created by Adam Huntington, a product designer who loves to make unmatched things with an interesting approach. As the name suggests, the table has the power of predicting the future. The principle of this fascinating side table is very simple. We just have to turn the dial to a required type, press the button and receive a paper with a forecast on it. The table is so simple that anybody can make use of it. The only thing needed to use it is a little amount of thought.

The charming table is greatly inspired by the superheroes of comic books and their special power of predicting the future. One of the striking features of this table is that it is very user friendly and simple. It is designed at the University of Dundee, which aims at making products that work socially technically and economically.

When we look at the Elymas Prediction table, it truly reflects the simplicity with which it has been created. It has been handcrafted from eastern plywood. Most of the features are made using hand tools, which gives the table a unique individuality unlike other furniture. It certainly is not a bad deal, as it adds so much fun by being a fortune-teller and also a neat side table.


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Via: Yanko Design