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The Malmese Twins: From bedside tables to TV stand

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Why waste money on furniture items when you can hack the existing ones for fresh uses? Ikea has got a wonderful hack for us that produces a great looking TV stand, almost like a floating shelf. The Malmese Twins uses two small Malm bedside tables and conjoins them to produce a neat little entertainment center. Dinah and Derek worked together to create this small space that’s not only useful for holding a flat screen but also provides handy little storage room. The bedside tables have been bolted to the wall (to retain the floating look). The bolting has been done from within the drawers so that when the drawers are put back, they hide the unessential details. A little bracket has been added at the top so that the tables do not fall apart under TV’s weight. The only possible flaw that one could point out in the couple’s effort is the visibility of the cables alongside. Drill holes for them and you almost reach perfection. Other than that, this is a great hack for a simple media center.
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