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The intrigue of secret doors in your home

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For anyone who has seen the movie “Panic Room”, this moving wall/door idea is going to make total sense. The brainchild of designer Lotty Lindeman, ‘Door’ allows us to construct not-so-secret passages to hidden rooms. The unusual design appeals to the viewer more for its playful take on the concept of secret passages as glorified by European palaces or even the Oval Office, rather than pure functionality.

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What’s different?

Since the design incorporates bright red mechanisms that open and close the moving wall, it brings the hidden doorway into focus rather than concealing it seamlessly. By inverting the notion of secret passageways and hidden doors, the design highlights the modern day dilemma that oscillates between the need for privacy and the need to be “seen”.

Price and availability
The design exists only as a prototype project for the time being and more information about it can be requested from the designer’s website.

Source: Yanko Design