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The search for the perfect sofa

micama by antidiva
The basic purpose of a sofa is to create a congenial atmosphere by allowing more than one person to share the same seat and share their thoughts. However, if we take into consideration the shapes of most of the sofas, we are left with an unanswered question – Is the straight and linear form of a sofa ideal for interaction between its occupants?

Since ages we have seen the sofa in its basic linear form with some very negligible variations in its design from time to time. It seems the sofa has remained untouched by the theory of evolution which says that everything needs to change gradually as per the needs of time. Experts often debate over the ideal shape of a sofa. Of course, if we have all the heads looking into the same direction then we cannot expect a comfortable interaction. To consider a sofa as a meeting place would serve no purpose if there is no eye to eye contact between the occupants.

tukama by antidiva
A better option is to have a round or a curved sofa that will promote healthy and positive interaction, but then again, this would occupy a lot of precious space which is a big deal. Italian furniture company Antidiva has come out with two new sofa concepts, Micama and Tukama that gives a soothing relief from the straight sofas. Although they require a very large space, these sofas are ideal for a get together. Designer Francesca Donati has definitely done a good job. Each of the sofa is guaranteed to give the utmost level of comfort while promoting a healthy interaction between the occupants.

Antidiva’s designs are the beginning of a new era.