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The Snake Lounge Chair – To comfort your weariness


Ever imagined a chair made in the shape of a snake? Although the name sounds to be quite absurd, the snake lounge looks to be quite a good innovation in the field of contemporary furniture. The chair consists of eight symmetrical parts in the two holes that can be seen in the image. These eight parts can be used to serve the function of small tables or stools. Looking at the shape of the chair, which is ergonomic, you can feel the comfort that it would give your body when you are in a mood to relax in your sitting room – the shape of the lounge chair sits the shape of the human body quite perfectly.

lounge 1

Depending on the colour scheme in your home, you can choose your snake lounge chair from a wide range of designs which contrasts well with your home décor. Materials in which this wonderfully-shaped chair is available are plastic, ply-wood or bend-wood, covered with artificial leather, a different textile fabric or a thematic embellishment depending on your choice.

lounge 2

Via: Behance