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Trap those flies in the Fly Catcher

flycatcher2Odd but practical is the electronic fly catcher, yes you are guessing that right it is an electronic fly-swatting device designed on the lines of Venus fly trap (the plant).

It is a unique device that will make your home free of those disease causing flies. A non-toxic bait kept in the mouth, entices the insect inside. As the insect inches into the mouth of the trap, the sensors detect the insect and make the mouth shut itself, with the insect dying inside.

What more…the Fly Catcher emits a loud burp every time it swallows an insect …showing the contentment after a juicy meal. YUCK but Fly Catcher is really useful!
Get yourself a fly catcher and zap those grimy flies before they land on your food. It’s available at the Paramountzone