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Turn the tables for Trento tin-up for 3

Trento tin-up For 3

It’s time for some check on my dining table. Good looks: check. Classy style: check. Spacious: check. Can be converted into a coffee table. Wait, what? A dining table that can be converted into a coffee table? Well, this was my reaction after reading about this wonder product – Trento tin-up for 3 by Manutti. So what exactly is the Trento tin-up for 3. Very simply put, it is a dinning table which has movable tablets as its top. These movable tablets can be shifted to convert the dining table into a coffee table for three people. A superb concept I must say.

Trento tin-up For 3

The table consists of an electropolished frame of stainless steel. The tabletop is ceramic and grey in color. Although this is specially designed for outdoor use, nothing stops you from using it indoors. Available in versions of two, three and four movable tablets the table has a width of 90-160 cms. This kind of furniture is ideal for modern households which face the problem of lack of space. Also, this can be easily used in canteens, hospitals and also restaurants. This table will turn any restaurant into a cafe at daytime and a quiet diner at night. This table gets a thumbs up from me.

For 3 by Manutti

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