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Twitter Ball: Save plastic and illuminate your interiors


Floating somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean is a large accumulation of plastic debris called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the Pacific Trash Vortex. This area, which according to recent findings is about twice the size of the state of Texas has an unusually high concentration of plastic material that are trapped there by the swirling oceanic currents. Needless to say, this can wreak havoc in the fragile oceanic ecosystem as the plastic ingested by small fish and animals slowly moves up the food chain.


Half way across the globe in London, Sarah Turner is trying to help out with this problem. Sarah is recognized for several of her eco-friendly products and initiatives that have won her many an accolade around the globe. Working with a London based design studio called Sennep, she has designed the ‘Twitter Ball‘ for Cohn & Wolfe, who have decided to support ‘Project Kaisei’ through this unique initiative.


The twitter ball is made from parts of 562 used plastic bottles and makes use of LEDs of several different colors for the lighting. The ball lights up in response to certain words and actions on twitter! During the holiday season, Cohn & Wolfe put out a “Happy Holidays” message on twitter. And the deal was that every time the specific words in the Cohn & Wolfe holiday message were tweeted, the ball would light up and when the entire message is re-tweeted, the project gets $1.


So, while saving the plastic bottles to make the Twitter ball itself, this is a fun way to contribute to the cause of making the earth a friendlier place for the generations to come.