Swinging seat: When sofa meets a chair it becomes an Ufo

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We all wish to furnish our homes with furniture that is comfortable as well as elegant. While it is a difficult combination to achieve, thanks to design innovations, it is not so impossible either. Designers nowadays try and blend comfort and elegance and Fatih Can Sarioz’s Ufo is a perfect example of that. It’s a blend of a chair and a sofa.

ufo3 EUYTg 1822
What’s different? Ufo is cool, Ufo is crazy, Ufo just rocks! It oscillates and it can stop oscillating if that’s what you want. But guys, its this oscillating feature that makes Ufo all the more inviting. Its comfy and cool looks only add to its attraction.
ufo4 BqZc2 1822
ufo5 HYh8l 1822
ufo6 mKjBH 1822

Thanks Fatih!

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