Double deal: Tray that transforms into a table

final tray dim with food 8KrsG 1822

Guys, answer a simple question. What’s the product in the image above? Tray, is it? Or does it look like a table? What is it? Ok, let me relieve the suspense, it is a tray but not a run of the mill one. The Table Tray by Stuart Sharples is a multi-utility and multi-functional tray.

What’s different? It’s a cool multipurpose conceptual tray that turns into a table, that can be used for breakfast purposes. It also allows you to comfortably work on your lappy. In short, a stylish breakfast tray cum table for use on the bed.

Check out the cool ‘Table Tray’ images we have lined up for you.

black O5Btr 1822
black set up LpCpT 1822
final table dim with food and phone b4TfT 1822
final table laptop dim 19QGR 1822
final table laptop dim 19QGR 1822
final tray side with food FGZ5b 1822
laptop mode BUv6E 1822

Thanks Stuart Sharples!

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