Wall decorating ideas for your kids room

Decorated kid's room

Gone are the days when just painting your kid’s room in his/her favorite shade of blue or pink would be enough. Kids spend a lot of their time in their room. Make their room magical and have them thanking you for your brilliant work. Transform your kid’s plain-looking room into a bright and stunning one, which he would be proud of. Choose from a wide variety of wall murals, wall stickers, wall stencils, wall papers, wall arts and others. Whether you are a do-it-yourself person or not, there are a whole lot of options to suit your budget and idea:

1. Wall Murals

Wall mural with superhero theme

Turn your kid’s room into a fun space by installing a wall mural according to his choice. Has your kid found a new interest in the outer space? Or, does your little girl wish she was a princess? Choose from a wide list of themes, like, fairy, dollhouse, princess, jungle ocean, sports, dinosaurs, cowboy, pirate, space, motorbike, firetruck, race cars and what not! Extremely popular these days, murals can either be painted or you can buy wallpapers which can be very easily installed.

2. Wall Stickers

Kid's room with wall stickers

Easy to apply, wall stickers are one of the best ways to make your kid’s room come alive. These peel-and-stick wall stickers just take a few seconds to be put up and can be taken off as easily. They don’t leave any sticky residue afterwards so your precious walls are not spoiled. If after putting up the wall sticker, you somehow don’t like it, you can easily take it down and reposition it. Wall stickers are perfect for you if you like to redecorate often. These reusable stickers will help you give your kid’s room a makeover in seconds and will save you from the hard work of painting the walls.

3. Wall Art

Use Wall Arts to liven up your kid's room

Liven up your kid’s room with a lovely piece of canvas art in bright colors. Wall arts are that perfect piece of art which can make your kid’s room special. With Wall Arts, you can turn your bare walls into a showplace for the chosen piece of children’s art. You can also personalize it with your child’s name, initial or monogram and make it unique. You can choose the right one for your kid from a large collection of plaques, specialty art and other wall decor according to your child’s liking.

4. Wall Stencils

Use of Wall Stencils in  kid's room

Using Wall Stencils is an easy way to transform your kid’s room into a magical wonderland. Either you can make the stencils yourself or you can purchase them from a wall decor shop from a large number of captivating designs to choose from. Some shops will offer you a Painting Kit, for each stencil that you buy, containing the right colors in exact quantities.

5. Wall Borders

Wall Borders

Wall Borders can aptly add an edge to a theme which you have chosen for your kid’s room. Wall Borders can be efficiently applied to make a wall a focal point. You can choose from a wide collection of themes for Wall Borders like, the sports borders, aquarium border, jungle borders, princess borders, flower borders, and much more. Wall Borders can be found in peel-and-stick form.

6. Personalized Growth Charts

Personalized growth chart

Since kids grow up so fast, having growth chart with inch by inch graduations will allow you to track your kid’s inches. These growth charts come in various remarkable and fun designs and motifs from canvas work arts to painted wooden frames hung from ribbons, vinyl wall decals and many others.

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