Multifunctional furniture designs for kids

Multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional furniture designs are considered to be the best and most viable option while buying kids furniture. Investing on youngsters’ furniture is not an easy task as you need to consider their growing age and the future practicalities. The set of kids’ furniture that you purchase will turn into a waste of investment, if proper thinking and analysis are not done. In addition to aesthetic appearance, kids’ preferences, space constraints and price, you need to ensure maximum usage of the furniture over the years.

You will be daunted by the wide range of multi-functional furniture designs for kids available in the market. You can choose them depending on your budget and by avoiding hasty and rash decisions. Following are some of these furniture designs that you can have a look at.

1. Multi-functional Furniture for Children By DESIGNSKIN

DESIGNSKIN, a Korean design and manufacturing company specializing in children’s toys and furniture for, has introduced a new set of multifunctional furniture for kids. This unique furniture set consists of a variety of pieces shaped as cubes, mats, balls and doughnuts that can be turned into beautiful furniture pieces as well as playful activity pieces. The same pieces can be configured in a range of ways to make different kinds of furniture, gymnasiums and varied kinds of soft-play activity areas.

2. Jin-Young Lee’s Flower-Shaped Furniture

The new multi-functional furniture design by Korean designer Jin-Young Lee is a fun-filled blooming flower-shaped piece. The rotative and foldable device can be used as a table and play zone.

3. Kapsule Chair by Karim Rashid

Kapsule Chair is a range of vivid and fun-filled multi-functional furniture designs for kids crafted by New York-based product designer Karim Rashid. The furniture set featuring

Made from injection molded polypropylene, Kapsule Chair features soft contours and offers offer both seating and storage options. You can choose Kapsule Chair from four stunning colors which can be a great addition to any modern interiors.

4. Multi-functional Designs Flip-Up Furniture from Elemento Diseno

Creative Design company specializing in bright furniture designs, Diseno Elemento, has introduced Flip-Up Furniture set that function as storage and chairs. Consisting of various boxes, the furniture set can be transformed to cater to various needs in a self-contained form.

5. Candu Chair

Candu Chair is a great multi-functional furniture set that can be transformed into a play table, bedside table, easel, step stool, rocking chair, and book rack. This furniture set can be a great addition to small apartments without contributing any cluttering.

6. Pkolino Play Table

The P’kolino Play Table is modular multi-functional furniture set for kids that can be reconfigured in many ways. This set is unique for its attractive colors and shapes and can be transformed into lounge, toy ramp, storage space, seating, fun rocker, puzzle pieces and so on.

7. The och-o Multifunctional Kids Furniture

The och-o is another great multifunctional furniture design which can offer different uses even for adults. This practical and fun furniture piece can take different forms according to the child’s imagination. och-o can become a tunnel, a play fort, a chair, or even a toy storage.


SUMICA multifunctional kids’ furniture designed by Michiko Eguchi can be used as stool and desk, with the additional use of storage.

9. Jungle-Themed Kids Furniture

The Jungle-themed multi-functional kids furniture has been designed as a unique space saving furniture set themed around colorful jungle animals. These amazing kids’ furniture sets can be used as chair, desk, bench, table, and bookshelf.

10. Suiko

German company Sirch has come out with Babybett Suiko, a beautiful multi-functional furniture design for kids. It can be transformed into rocking bassinet, crib and toddler bed at the same time. Wheels make movement of this furniture from one location to another.

11. Multi-Functional furniture from Adensen Furniture

Adensen Furniture has introduced a new kids’ multi-functional furniture for kids up to 10 years old. It can take a range of forms: crib, table, storage space, drawers, shelves, and even a spacious bed.

12. Rhapsody Children’s Bed Set by CedarWorks Rhapsody Children’s Bed Set by CedarWorks can be used not only as a bed, but can be doubled also as a fun environment. This colorful and safe furniture set is crafted as an adaptable playing, sleeping and storage device.

If you choose multi-functional furniture designs for kids, it will ensure a number of uses for the same furniture set in keeping with the changing requirements of kids.

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