Why It Is Time You Switch to a Modern Heating Unit


Since its incorporation into industrial applications in the 1930’s, air conditioning and heating in homes has evolved tremendously over the years. Today, what was a few decades ago,a reserve for commercial use and affluent individuals,is now available for every home.

A heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) unit directly affects your ability to live comfortably in your house – come winter or summer. As such, having your HVAC unit break down in the middle of a harsh winter is less than desirable. You want a unit that runs smoothly and does not require frequent repairs. If you feel that your HVAC system is defective due to age, you should contact a professional to assess it and determine if it is the right time to upgrade to a modern version. Convenience is only one of the rewards you would expect from a modern upgrade. Others include:

  1. Extra comfort 


Modern HVAC units incorporate advanced filtering, moisture control and zone control options. With multiple, high-performance filters, the unit is able to filter out pollen, dust and other allergens that may trigger breathing problems, from the air. In winter, you can set the heating unit to release moisturized warm air to humidify your house making it more comfortable.

Modern HVAC systems can save you on your San Diego heating repair bills through increased efficiency. Some modern units also allow you to keep some areas of the house warmer than others creating heating and cooling zones. This allows you to save energy by only regulating the temperature of the rooms you are using. In the near future, HVACs will be able to use infrared heating sensing to sense which rooms are in use and which are not without users having to set controls.

  1. Energy saving 

Modern HVAC units are more energy efficient than older versions built more than seven years ago. Keeping in mind that cooling & heating consumes almost half of the energy expenses in a home; every percentage of improvement in terms of conservation makes a difference.

  1. Improved air Movement


Unlike older units, new models move air both into the house and out. That is, during summer, the HVAC moves in cooled air into your house while extracting the hot air from the house and expelling it out. In winter, it moves the cold air out of the house and blows in heated air.

What to expect from the future 

In this smart home age, automation of HVAC through smart technology is taking root. Recent years have seen the development of technologies like Wi-Fi thermostats, which have grown tremendously in popularity among users.

The future of HVAC looks bright and more advances are expected in the very near future. These include HVAC systems being able to adjust your house’s atmosphere automatically by factoring in your preferred settings, indoor temperatures and outdoor weather conditions. HVAC systems will be able to regulate your home’s environment without your interference. With new advancements comes more saving and comfort. It is therefore important to upgrade your HVAC system after every few years.

To obtain maximum performance and saving from a new HVAC unit, your duct must also be in prime condition. Have professionals inspect it also and repair or replace it before installing the new HVAC system.

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