Home Architecture Windows ensuring privacy without blocking the light

Windows ensuring privacy without blocking the light

Open windows are good for ventilations and for breezes but these open windows could create problems at times. Windows style if chosen properly can make your house look beautiful and give you the privacy you need. When your sit within the house, you want a part of outdoor to come inside but it has certain drawbacks if you do not install proper windows.

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People love the openness in the house, but need some privacy at the same time. If you have people peeping inside through a corner window, you would often avoid sitting in that particular room. The corner windows seem challenging to cover and can give you a hard time. It is possible to turn your house windows into a much more private place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with your family members. Ways to turn your open windows into a private place include the following:


Window films

Window films come in a verity of patterns, colors and even stained glass looks. Some frosted films give a look similar to that of a real frosted glass. Other energy efficient window films provide the benefits like reducing UV rays and preventing energy loss or solar gain as well. Peel and stick window films available in the market. This seems like a great option as they remain in place for years and you can remove them very easily if you want to. You have to make sure that glass is dust free and clean before installing any film.


Spray-on windows

While applying the spray, you have to work in a well-ventilated area and you should apply several coats to avoid drips.


Use Indoor plants

A creative idea would be to use the indoor plants to get the privacy you need. You can place an indoor plant next to a window. Indoor plants near the window would make you comfortable and give you privacy without preventing ventilation.


Bamboo Blinds

You can use an eco-friendly method of placing bamboo blinds. Theses would let the air pass through the slats and would help keeping the open area private.


Ornamental Grass

Many verities of ornamental grass can be another solution to your problem. You can enhance the natural beauty of the landscape with it. This grass would give you private area without blocking the breezes in the warmer months.


You can choose either manmade products or the natural ways to keep an open window much more private. According to the design of your house, your need, and availability, you can make the right choice.