Yosemite Outdoor Kitchen Island and Barbeque Grill from Barbeques Galore

yosemite barbeque grille 5965

With summer almost upon us, outdoor cooking and barbeque parties are going to be the flavor of the season. And if you’re planning to have your own backyard set up with a new outdoor cooking range, the Yosemite Entertainer Island from Barbeques Galore should be at the top of your must-have list this season. With a solid, crack resistant, waterproof granite countertop offered in two colors, the Entertainer Island quickly becomes a favorite cooking and dining hub for the whole family. the island is built around the Grand Turbo grill which houses six individual burners, an infrared rotisserie, a dedicated smoker and burner as well as a drip tray which makes cooking a truly delightful experience while ceramic tiles, stainless steel flame tamer system, electronic multi-spark ignition, continuously welded 304 grade stainless steel construction, and polished seams add to the gracious exterior of the effective cooking system. Also featuring a raised bar, recessed foot rest and built-in refrigerator, the unit lets both guests and hosts relax in a homely tranquil setting.

Source: Furniture Store Blog

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