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Zazoo – Themed Digital Clock And Photo Frame For Kids

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What is it?
Zazoo is a digital clock and a photo frame combined into one. The developer, ZAZOO KiDS, a Chicago-based firm, has been in the business of finding ‘a new way for kids (and their sleep deprived parents)’ to instill better sleeping habits for almost a year now.

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Target Users
Zazoo has especially been designed for kids so that they can get acquainted with it and depend on it to learn about their schedules of sleep time and wake-up time. Zazoo can be a great gift for kids or even for those adults who still depend on an alarm clock to wake them up.

The Overview
Zazoo uses visual images that have themes associated with nighttime and daytime, and hence children can understand whether they should be sleeping or wake-up at that point in time. Parents can configure and set a time for Zazoo to shift from nighttime theme to daytime theme and children will understand the moon theme to be sleeping hours and the sun theme as time to be awake.


Zazoo has two preset images for night and day but the users can change these and can upload their own choice of images for the same. Children can use Zazoo even as they grow up since it incorporates various other functions like that of a rotating photo frame, a calendar, a video player and an mp3 player. Kids love these gadgets and hence they will love Zazoo. Zazoo’s digital clock has several great features like a speaker, an SD/MMC/xD/MS card slot, USB port, headphone jack, remote control and a 7-inch LCD screen.

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What is different?
Zazoo is completely user friendly and user-configurable and hence it is available in five different contemporary styles that children will like. Both girls and boys can use the multi-functional digital clock that costs just $89.00.

Source: Chipchick/Zazookids