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Zero Gravity Spice Rack…You’ll Love it!

zero gravity spice rackI love writing about kitchen accessories … but this one caught my fancy not because of some special use of it but because of its space saving feature. The Zero Gravity Spice rack gives you the facility to store spices, both at top and bottom of the spice rack.

Isn’t cool…a great way to maximize space and minimize mess. The magnet at the top and bottom if each canister holds the canisters from falling. Apart from that, the cans have windows from where you can easily know when you need to refill them. The cans come with a special locking mechanism that helps you to dispense by pouring or sprinkling.

I think it’s a perfect utility item for those who are living in small apartments that have even smaller kitchens.
This Zero Gravity Spice Rack is available at cooking.com