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10 Amazing Room Décor Ideas to Look For

Room Décor Ideas to Look For

As the earth ceremonially completes its revolution around the sun, we put into review how the last year was spent. This results in the creation of new resolutions, aiming at new goals and of course- the transformation of our space.

Change is a constant phenomenon; and as human nature will have it irrespective of our desires, we tend to grow tired of things we are too familiar with- and this includes our room decorations. This creates the need for some change in the aura our space gives. This is why we’ve gathered a list of décors you should expect to see and also consider :

Proper lighting

Proper lightingBefore going any further into decorating your favorite space, it is important you get the lighting features of your room sorted out. Doing so, subsequent décor becomes more conspicuous.

First off, if you have a broken light bulb or light switch, fix it. Then, try the mirror magic trick. Actually, it is a DIY (do it yourself) trick. Mirrors are good reflectors of light and are a great way of lighting up your space if positioned at the right angle. Buy a body-length mirror and lean it against the wall.

Bold wallpapers

Regardless of the size of your room, there would always be a fitting wallpaper. When choosing a wallpaper, it is advisable you go for large-scale wallpapers, as opposed to small, busy ones. Just do one thing: ensure you create a cohesive, cozy atmosphere by matching beddings with the wallpaper.

Colorful throw pillows

throw pillowAre you an all-white-room-kinda-person, but still wished you had more vibrant colors in your room? It’s alright- you don’t have to compromise. Throw pillows are great ways of adding colors and vibrancy into the room. To get the fun factor out of it, get multiple colors of throw pillows, and change them every week.

Don’t overlook the ceiling

Our rooms are our own personal getaway; a fortitude of protection from the outside world. And, we spend most of our bedroom-time on our beds. When you look up, what do you see- a broad, black, boring space?

When painting your ceiling choose a subtle color. Paint the room with a lighter version of the wall paints. This helps create a feeling of comfort and intimacy.


think of a fireplaceWhen you think of a fireplace, what comes to your mind? An appliance that comforts you in the cold nights? Or that finishing touch decoration? Whatever you think of it as, fireplaces are great ways of striking a balance between décor and comfort. Reading the dimplex review as well as the review of another good fireplace would help you choose the right fireplace for your living room.

The right furniture size

When it is time to hit the store for furniture, start by drawing out the floor plan of your room. You do not want to oversize furniture- it should fit the room it lives in.

 Wall Art

Wall ArtRooms are the perfect place to create your own personal art collection. Making your art by painting small canvases. Also, consider getting your favorite pictures printed in small frames; and display all of them on the wall.

Plenty of storage

While this is not exactly referring to a decoration, when you store most of your things out of sight, you create a more serene and cozy atmosphere in your room. If you are out to get a new bed, consider getting beds with drawers; you could use a little extra storage. If you are retaining your conventional bed, consider using decorative bins for additional storage.

Attractive Chandelier

Attractive ChandelierAdding a chandelier is a unique way of creating a new focal point for your room while adding the needed lighting. Choose the kind of chandelier that fits your decoration style– flashy and glamorous, elegant and traditional, modern- there are lots of options to choose from on the net.

Look down- a rug would be great

In as much as you would love your walls, bed, ceiling and shelves- don’t forget to decorate the floor. Play around the texture and find something that feels great under your feet.         

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