10 cute little beds in a suitcase for pets

Double Bed in Suitcase for pets

Pets love all kinds of different things and you would not like if your pets stay on your beds. Each pet needs its own sleeping place. Pet beds are occasionally eyesores and suitcases are often very heavy. Now you can very well solve these two apparently unconnected problems by creating or buying stylish pet beds out of unused suitcases. It’s important that you find a suitcase with a hard exterior made either of plastic, metal or may be wood. Soft fabric suitcases will not be able to support the furniture legs or the weight of the pet.

Here are some of the cute little bed in suitcases for your pets:

1. The Pink retro

It’s a stylish pink suitcase with cocktail table legs with bit of metallic exteriors. You can easily take away the machine made cushion for convenient cleaning. The cushion also holds the retro theme i.e. it’s the cushion with black polka dots. This suitcase will best suit the small pets. It’s large enough to accommodate two small pets.

2. The black retro

It’s another suitcase with retro theme. It is painted black with green polka dots. The suitcase look has been retained. Legs of the suitcase are wooden and are painted black with white polka dots. The cushion comes with black tiger print, completely going with the exteriors. Your hardcore pets are going to love this.

3. A bunk recycled pet bed Suitcase

It’s a cute double bed in suitcase for your pets. The lower bed is big compared to the upper bed. If you want you can keep both the beds of same size and shape. But it’s preferred to keep the upper bed a bit small than the lower bed. It’s a good option if you have two pets.

4. Pedestal base pet bed suitcase

This is a comfortable bed for your furry pet. You can easily remove the machine made washable fluffy cushion, for convenient cleaning. The bottom of the suitcase is built with fabric wrapped plywood to give it strength and sturdiness. It comes with flora printed washable cushion. The legs are recycled from the cocktail table.

5. Simple yet elegant carry Pet Bed Suitcase

This pet bed is left simple yet cozy and comfortable for your pet. You can pack and unpack it when ever you want. You can also carry the pet bag along, if you are taking your pet along with you. Also you can customize it with pet toys. It’s cute and your pet is going to love it. It’s a pet bag without legs.

6. Elegant Blue carry pet bed suitcase

This is an elegant and simple blue pet bag. The toys have been customized according to the cushion. Legs of the bag are round and small. It’s again a carry along pet bag. The back pocket is perfect for storing pet accessories like leash, pet toys etc.

7. Hard recycled pet bed suitcase

It’s a simple suitcase with small and cute bed legs. The cushion is fluffy and easy to wash.

8. Brown leather bed in suitcase

A brown leather bed in suitcase with wooden legs is yet another cute bed for your cute friend. It has completely customized cushion and pet toys.

9. Red Furry bed in suitcase

It’s an elegant and attractive color which would brighten up your room as well. It would give a bit of contrast in the color scheme of your room. The cushion is furry and easily washable. The pockets can be used for storage of pet accessories.

10. Black and Creamy Pet Bed

It’s a beautiful and elegant pet bed. It’s a low bed with comfortable cushion. The creamy ribbon in front with black matching legs is making the bed look more elegant.

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