10 hi-tech bathrooms and bathroom gadgets for your future homes

Swiveling toilet

There’s no denying that the bathroom is one of the most personal spaces of any home setting. But a little extra style that also saves on much needed space wouldn’t hurt anyone now, would it? Bathrooms in the near future are going to mark their presence as multifunctional rooms, preferably a space for not just having a bath but also relaxation. We’ve put down a list of 10 hi-tech bathrooms of the future that bring to the table a futuristic bathroom layout with the added convenience of both style and functionality.

1) High-Tech Space-Saving Design:


A minimalistic and modern bathroom layout, the high-tech space saving design has simplicity to its core. In the closed mode, the bathroom area would function as a recreation room or even a shower space with free standing. Open it up and the floor transforms to a spa-like setting complete with a bathtub and a couple of benches. Add in flat screens and Michael Mitek’s bathroom layout of the future looks interesting for sure.

2) Reuse of water

According to designer Jang-Woo Seok’s vision for a futuristic bathroom layout, reusing water seems to be an important aspect. The tailored concept bathroom has the sink water being reused to flush the toilet through the drainage system.

3) Apollo Steam Shower

Apollo steam shower by Linea Aqua

If a picture of the future brings to your mind, space ships and other such settings, the Apollo steam shower by Linea Aqua could just be your bathroom of the future. It shows off a reclining chair for a shower in a construct identical to a space shuttle.

4) Personal toilet seat

For most of us, when it comes to bathroom usage, hygiene would probably be the most important feature. And that’s exactly what Jan Ctvrtnik’s future bathroom concept does. With toilet seats layered one on top of the other in what appears to be a sort of bookmarking system, everyone can anticipate having their very own toilet seat even if the bathroom is shared.

5) ProSun Shower

ProSun ShowerKeeping to its name, the bathroom is equipped with a 400W tanning system. Well, there may just be no need to lie on the beach for the perfect tan as the double UV filter in this bathroom unit is fashioned to offer just that.

6) Airy bathroom

Going by designer Charlee Deaton’s blueprint of a futuristic bathroom layout, luminescent Italian glass tiles accommodated into walls will give your bathroom a completely airy feel. It’s meant to be elegant and comfortable, wrapped in with a transparent sink.

7) Kohler VibrAcoustic Bathtub

Kohler VibrAcoustic Bathtub

Fancy yourself swinging to the latest tunes while bathing? This could be right bathroom for you with its preset music and chroma therapy colors for the tub.

8) Complete water saver

The environment conscious bunch can look forward to a digital bathroom setting. Along with automated filling of the bathtub, the bathroom would allow the used water to be filtered for domestic reuse.

9) Swiveling toilet

Swiveling toiletDesigner Young Sang Eun envisions a very hygienic bathroom setting for the future. The incorporated urinal has a sit-down commode on the other side and a simple flip of a button is all it will take for either of them to turn around, depending on the use. The best part is that the toilet is self-sanitizing and employs UV with Steam for the purpose.

10) Visomatic Waterproof

Those who find themselves missing their phone, TV or the internet even when having a bath can anticipate future bathrooms to feature these attributes courtesy of the Visomatic waterproof media center. As you lie in your tub, the media center keeps you hooked through the integrated TV and web connection.

Top high tech bathroom gadgets

A bathroom is a place where we can refresh, relax and unwind in the quiet and if this is coupled with the top 10 High-Tech Bathroom Gadgets it would be a great repose from the monotonous lifestyles of today’s times. For a gadget lover, a bathroom is just an other area of the house to be integrated with the latest high-tech gadgets. It may sound rather strange, but in reality there are a lot of garnishing features available for you to turn your bathroom into a hi-tech crux.

Here is a brief on few of these latest gizmos available to make your bathroom into a high- tech alcove.

1. LED Faucets

The LED technology is widely popular in many products, so adding a LED color to your faucet would be a great idea and you can enhance the look of your bathroom with this colorful alternative.

2. Wi-Fi Body Scales

Get these Wi-Fi body scales to get your weight management to a complete new-fangled level as this gadget. This not only shows our weight but also records and stores our entire data. Itis one of the top ten high-tech gadget, which also comes integrated with a complimentary iPhone app and Facebook app. These well designed scales are sleek looking and are available in tempered glass and will complement any hi-tech bathrooms.

3. LED Color-Changing Shower Head

Install this multi-hued LED light gadget to your shower head; this ingenious design lights up your bathroom in a beautiful gush of color-changing light. The gadget works on the temperature and pressure of water; and there are no electronic components thus making it a safer option. These shower heads are also temperature sensitive; and the temperature can be gauged by the color of the water flowing out. They are available in a variety of colors ranging from blue to red to green; and are available in a range of shapes and sizes too for any hi-tech bathrooms.

4. C3 Series Toilet Seat

This C3 series toilet seat is a sure way to feel regal. This toilet seat series from Kohler comes with a bidet function. It also includes a warmed seat, a lighted bowl, air dryer and a childproof feature; that enables the bidet to function as per the requirement of the user.

5. Heated Toilet Seat

The heated toilet seat have been in use for a while now, it has many features like comfortable warm seat, taking well being to a whole new level.

6. Magnetic Soap Holders

Do you dislike the sticky splotch of soap which sticks at the bottom.Then a Magnetic soap holder is the right gadget for you. Available in a variety of styles they keep your soap in place, even when it’s slippery.

7. Oral B Triumph

These wireless toothbrushes tell you how long to brush your teeth. Most of the work is done through the pre-programmed cycles along with a host of other features that optimize your brushing abilities making it a great pick for your dental health.

8. iPod Toilet Roll Holder

Now this is one gadget which can be considered as an equivalent to the newspaper. This gadget is held safely and securely in the iPod dock. So if you cannot resist carrying a newspaper to the restroom; then this musical accompaniment is a safe bet. It also doubles up as a stylish, high-tech accessory and one of the must haves for hi-tech bathrooms.

9. Television Mirrors

Worried about missing your favorite television show when you are in the bathroom? Now you can catch-up with your favorite show while brushing your teeth, taking bath, shaving or doing your makeup. With the latest television mirror gadget you can compare yourself with your celebrity crush.

10. Towel Rail TV

The Towel Rail TV actually is a combination of two bathroom luxuries – heated towels and a 17-inch television. Its exterior is completely waterproof and comes along with a waterproof remote; so you can change the channel right from your shower. And then a warm towel is nothing but an icing on the cake. So, with these top 10 high-tech bathroom gadgets you are sure to make your bathroom the most glamorous place in your house.


So if you’ve been wondering what a futuristic bathroom layout would like, we’re hoping the above 10 hi-tech bathrooms and bathroom gadgets of the future serve your need. And now that you know what’s in store for coming times, we’d like to hear from you too- What’s your pick?

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