10 Digital photo frames with built-in clock or MP3

Built-in clock or MP3 photo frames

Technology has eradicated ordinary photo frames. Now, most people are using digital photo frames as it comes with lot of features and it’s more beautiful when compared to the ordinary photo frames. These digital photo frames allows you to store more photos and you can see it in a slide show manner. Photo frame is rated as one of the best gift items. Let us see top 10 digital photo frames with built-in clock or MP3.

1. ASUKA’s SK700 digiframe

ASUKA's SK700 digiframe

This double colored digital frame from South Korean makers was introduced at 2009 IFA at Berlin. The SK700 is a 7-inch touch digital frame with many features like DVB-T tuner which can record TV programs on the 2GB or 4GB built-in memory (it can be extended to 32 GB), high LCD or TFT screen, FM receiver, video playback and 3D sound with two stereo speakers. It also supports many languages.

2. Nix hu motion digital photo frame

Nix hu motion digital frame

This sleek black killer style digital frame is from Nix design studio of London. This 8 inch touch frame have lots of amazing features like motion sensor, direct copy from memory card, auto resizing feature, 800 x 600 pixels SVGA screen, stereo speakers, remote and lot more. Undoubtedly it is one of the best digital frames out in the market. Power consumption is also very less and it is a best gift item for all people. Price of this photo frame is $100.

3. Egg-shaped digital photo frame

Egg-shaped digital photo frame

This is a tiny egg shaped 1.5 inch digital photo frame. It is best for small cars and it comes with 16 MB in built memory, digital clock, slideshow options and LCD screen. It have good resolution but the main disadvantage is its small size. It is priced at 15 Euros.

4. Panasonic’s MW 20 digital photo frame

Panasonic’s MW-20 digital photo frame

To make people buy a digital frame, companies should come up with innovation and more features. Panasonic are strictly following this principle and launched MW 20 digital photo frame. This 9 inch photo frame with 15 display patterns comes with 2GB internal memory, power saver feature, speakers, automatic brightness adjuster and lot more. One of the most notable features is its connectivity with Apple’s iPhone and iPod. It can be connected to iPhone and iPod and you can hear songs and see the photos which you took using iPhone and iPod in frame. It can also be used as a charger for iPhone and iPod. It comes with a price tag of $250.

5. Mustek PF-i700 digital frame

Mustek PF-i700 digital frame

The 7 inch Mustek PF-i700 digital frame comes with iPod connecting feature at a price of $130. It offers high clarity photo and video viewing with surround sound. This 7 inch 480 x 234 resolution wide screen TFT frame is loaded with many features like multiple format support, remote control, display in both portrait and landscape positions and lot more. There is mini display at the top, which will display the photo of bigger display. It will comfortably fit in all places.

6. Genius DPF-241 digital photo frame

Genius DPF-241 digital photo frames

This is the most colorful and beautiful photo frame. The Genius DPF-241 is a 2.4 inch complete photo-frame. It does not come with any video or audio feature but it adds more emotions to the photos. It comes with alarm and calender features. This is a perfect frame for offices as it does not have any audio feature and for home also it is perfect. It has TFT LCD display with enough internal memory to store up to 30 photos. It supports only JPEG and BMP formats. You can own this colorful digital photo frame at a cost of $39.

7. Memorycup digital photo frame

Memorycup Digital Photo Frame

The Memorycup helps you to track your day to day activities and also allows you to see the photos of your beloved ones to ease the work pressure during office hours. This cup can be used to keep your stationary items and it comes with 1.5 inch LCD display, clock, calender and you can store up to 70 photos. Photos can be transferred using USB and it is priced at $22.

8. Sony ICF-CL75iP digital frame

Sony ICF-CL75iP digital frame

As any other product from Sony, this digital photo frame is loaded with many good and best features. This is one of the most advanced and best digital photo frames available in the market. This 7 inch multi-function frame comes with MP3 player, 10 second voice recorder, 1GB built-in memory, AM/FM, video playback and lot more. It can be connected to iPhone 3G, iPod touch, iPod Nano and it has a dock to place these devices. It can be easily customized based on your needs. It comes with a price tag of $150.

8. 7 inch digital picture frame

7″ Digital Picture Frame

This Bluetooth enabled digital photo frame comes with photo viewing, in-built memory for photos and songs, head phone jack, speaker and clock. The 7 inch TFT LCD screen displays photos in good resolution and speakers with good surround sound.

10. Zazoo photo frame

Zazoo photo frame

This cool and stylish digital photo frame is designed to attract children. Zazoo is a 2 in 1 photo frame which can store photos and act as a clock. This photo frame is for kids to know how to schedule their sleep and wake up time. It comes with two preset images displaying day and night and you can also add your photos. It has a 7 inch TFT LCD display with alarm and remote control. It is priced at $ 89.

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