Five interactive tile designs for hi-tech homes

Interactive tile design

The days are gone when the home tiles meant those big square shaped tiles which were just a piece of marble. This is an era of ultra-cool and really futuristic tiles which have not only changed the complete world of tiles but have given a new dimension to it. These next generation tiles are so beautiful and attractive that you will find it pretty hard to get your eyes off them. These tiles are really hard to ignore in terms of style and awesome design they offer. Not only the technology stuff, these tiles are also included with series of features which will completely add to the beauty of the house. There are plenty of such tiles in market these days but out of them a few are really awesome and stunning and are worth of keeping in stock for their elegant and gorgeous design. Here we are to solve out your problem of choosing the best interactive tiles. Here goes a list of five best interactive tile designs for hi-tech homes which are creating a buzz in the market. Have a look!

1. I-Quad


The I-Quad is an awesome concept tiles which comes along with various interactive features. The picture above shows a preview of the tiles which are extremely gorgeous. These tiles are not similar to those traditional home tiles; instead these come along with the latest technology features which will completely change the atmosphere of your house. These I-Quad tiles are made out of LED-lit tiles which are placed over a frame which also shows the stuffs like place, date, time, weather, the latest affairs, buzzing news, e-mails, images and plenty more. And the best part is that it shows all these stuffs just by making use of a USB or Bluetooth enabled device. This tile is a masterpiece in every terms and is worth of a deal if you love being into a new technology stuff.

2. LED-dots tiles

LED-dots tiles

Here is something that is especially made to entertain people out there including kids. The kids will surely love this concept as this is made keeping the small kids in mind. These LED dot tiles are exceptionally beautiful and will completely light up your house even if you are down with the power. These LED dot tiles glows various lights when you start walking over it anytime. At night, the lights resembles special figures which really looks awesome and adds to the beauty of the house. Another cool feature is the color of the tiles, which varies according to the weight of the person who’s walking on it.

3. LED interactive tile from CT Germany

LED Interactive Tile

The Creative Technology of Germany has come up with this really innovative and elegant tile concept, which will not only offer you awesome features but will also help you out in saving energy. This LED interactive tiles are made on the floor of the company which have a complete visual interference that allows you to interact with it anytime. These tiles are individually programmed so that at any time you can easily make changes in any of the tile. There are a special dance LED floor offered by the company which enables people to dance over them and they are equipped with various gaming features as well. Now you can do a hell lot of stuffs with these ultra-modernized LED tiles.

4. Liquifloor by Cafe Interiors

Liquifloor by Cafe Interiors

The Liquifloor is really an innovative concept by the company named Cafe Interiors, which is known for delivering awesome solutions to all the tiles business firms. The company has come up with this unique idea which consists of layers of PVC which are highly durable for longer period of functioning. The top layer of the tiles is made transparent so that you can see through the stuff going at the bottom. Between these two layers of the tiles, a cool solution, or you can call it a gel like liquid, which is called magenta is added. This cool colorful material takes the shapes of various stuffs according to the preset conditions. The designs keep changing with the change of pressure on the tiles.

5. Lightspace interactive LED tiles

Lightspace Interactive LED Tiles

These Lightspace LED tiles are just stunning and there are freaking no word to describe their beauty. These tiles are produced by the firm Just Light That, which is known for their exotic designs and concepts. These cool tiles are made pressure dependent that completely operates with the change of pressure on the surface of the tiles. These tiles can be programmed to produce various cool animated graphics stuff which really looks cool. These can be arranged on the walls or even on the floors and lights up your house with different adorable colors.

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