Best modular kitchen designs

Modular Kitchen Designs

A kitchen is a very significant part of our home and, hence, its interiors cannot be ignored. The latest concept being adopted is of a ‘modular kitchen’. Modular kitchen gives a glamorous touch to our homes. It doesn’t matter whether the kitchen is small or large in size because a lot of designs are available to match different requirements.The components of a modular kitchen include chimney, shutters, shelves, cabinets, sink pullout units and baskets. Furniture like tables and chairs can be added if your kitchen is spacious enough. Here are some excellent designs of modular kitchens that can give a unique style to your home:

1. Vira: Kitchen with a difference

Vira is a stylish range of modular kitchens which ensures precision and consistency. This is designed using wooden cabinets and doors to add a strong and calm beauty to your kitchen. This style has a wooden finishing, giving a modern look to your kitchen.

2. Time: Harmony and elegance

This is a kind of design that gives a sense of harmony and elegance. Time allows you to live with what you want. The key features of it include doors with high gloss paint or wood grains and finished with a high gloss.

3. Crystal: Strong and calm beauty

Crystal gives a super high gloss product with a feel of glass. It is the sign of a truly stylish kitchen with super gloss finishing and a futuristic look. Doors are available in shades of white, off white, maroon, black and ebony.

4. Mood: Kitchen with attitude

These are known as kitchens with attitude as it is a high gloss furnished product which gives a feel of a luxury design. It is the latest style available in the market. The doors give it a truly fashionable look.

5. Tiara: Designed to impress

Tiara doors are sturdy and laminated and this makes it highly fashionable. What make it very open to personalization are the various color options. Moreover, all this is available at an affordable price.

6. Arnica: Premium wood kitchen

Arnica provides a great ambiance, which is the hallmark of a solid wood kitchen. It offers warm and rich environment of a traditional kitchen, and is designed to bring all the advantages of modern technology. The most attractive feature of these kitchens is the thick, solid wood doors that are made from carefully selected woods and crafted with loving attention to the finest detail.

7. Magnum: New era of aesthetics

Magnum gives a warm and rich look of an innovative kitchen with all the modern accessories. The use of integrated, built in handles makes royal living within one’s reach. The doors are available in various colors and finished using super high gloss.

8. Flux: Versatile and distinctive

Flux is a top level, high gloss, lacquered product that gives the feel of a glass kitchen. Its doors with high gloss lacquered finish make it a classical beauty. Available in various colors, the kitchen can be customized to users’ tastes.

9. Touch: Aura of Excellence

Touch blends the most desirable kind of living with a room full of light with the facilities of a modern and practical kitchen. Its key features are the availability of doors in shades of white, off white, maroon, black and orange.

10. Modern appliances for small kitchen space

This modular kitchen is easy to transport and can be assembled in a small space. It is a great solution for those who are looking forward to replace their kitchen furniture.

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