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10 trendy tea infusers to make your tea taste better

Tea infusers

Tea is the world’s most popular drink and it is loved by millions of people across the globe. Most of us prefer to take tea early in the morning and start our day only after consuming a fresh cup of hot tea. Tea contains antioxidants and is energizes you instantly. Tea varieties are segregated on the basis of tea leaves, the process by which the leaves are filtered and the method used to prepare the leaves. The advancement in science and technology has allowed many creative designers to make the tea drinking experience more refreshing and exciting. A tea infuser or tea ball is used to steep tea leaves. In the early 19th century, the tea infuser became an important part of the British household.

Here is the list of 10 trendy tea infusers to make your tea taste better

1. Chigra tea infuser

Chigra tea infuser

Making good tea is considered an art by many and it is important that you get the proportion of the ingredients right in order to prepare a good cup tea. These ingredients also need to be mixed properly. Designed by Chigra, the tea infuser can be used to mix different tea ingredients correctly. This tea infuser also allows us to mix the ingredients easily. This cute, modern tea infuser can be used to stir the tea easily. In order to use this new age tea infuser, you are required to put the required ingredients in the holed container. After putting the required materials inside the container use the lid to cap the infuser. After this, the infuser is placed into a cup of hot water and blown gently. The lid has a unique plastic propeller, allowing the Chigra to spin which helps in the mixing of ingredients with the water. The design of the Chigra tea infuser is simple.

2. Electrolux Duo infuser

Electrolux Duo infuser

The Duo tea infuser is the brainchild of Mexican designer Emma Moreno, who has used nanotechnology in this innovative tea infuser. This tea infuser is user friendly. You need to fill the ingredients in the cup and switch it on. The heating level is selected by the user and then this tea infuser is placed in the cup. This modern tea infuser gets heated immediately after coming in contact with hot water. The infuser is kept in the cup for some minutes and it prepares the tea. The Duo infuser features a touch screen interface which has the on/off and heating buttons. The tea tag is attached at the bottom cap of the Duo infuser. This tag keeps the pieces together. The cover of this infuser is transparent which allows the user to see the whole process.

3. Sharky Tea Infuser

Sharky Tea Infuser

Argentinean designer Pablo Matteoda deserves credit for designing the beautiful Sharky Tea Infuser. This innovative tea infuser will certainly make your tea more enticing and tasty. The infusion allows the extraction of tea leaves by soaking it in hot water. All you need to do is fill this infuser, which appears like the fin of a shark, with all the ingredients required to make tea and then place this uniquely designed infuser in the hot cup of water.

4. Arta Tea Leaf Infuser

Arta Tea Leaf Infuser

The modern and innovative Arta Tea Leaf Infuser is used to make your tea more tasty and spicy. This infuser can be used to brew your tea perfectly. The shape of this tea infuser is similar to a pot. The plastic stem which is green in color sprouts from a brown lid which is attached to the basket of this tea infuser. The basket is made of micro-perforated stainless steel. The Arta Tea Leaf Infuser can be used to brew both pots and single cups of tea. The dimensions of this tea infuser are 2.2 x 2.2 x 5.6 inches. It weighs around 1 pound.

5. Tea Diver

Tea Diver

The Tea Diver Tea Infuser is a modern infuser which can be used to steep tea leaves. It is then placed in boiling water to make refreshing tea. The makers of the Tea Diver Tea Infuser claim that Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) is used to make the tea infuser together with stainless steel. The concept Tea Diver Tea Infuser is available for sale online. The shape of this Tea Diver is inspired from the Korean traditional diver, Meoguri’s shape. This tea Infuser has a sleek and stylish design and it can be used as a decorative item as well. The tea diver is priced at around $20.

6. The Tea Sub

The Tea Sub

The Tea Sub is an ideal infuser to make enticing and refreshing tea every time you need it. The Tea Sub is available in yellow color. All you need to do is fill the infuser with tea leaves and place it in boiling water. The Tea Sub is available for sale online. The Tea Sub is priced around $13.00.

7.Luci loose tea infuser

luci loose tea infuser

Designed by Cocoboat, the Luci loose tea infuser is perfect for preparing a refreshing cup of tea. The base of this tea infuser is made of steel and the top is made of ceramic. In order to prepare good tea, you need to add tea leaves to the pot and then the top is twisted for steeping. The infuser is placed on the tea tray after steeping. This innovative tea infuser is available in three colors: white, green and blue. This tea infuser is priced at £11.95 and it is available for sale online.

8. Blomus Utilo Tea Stick

Blomus Utilo Tea Stick

If you want to entertain you family and friends with fresh and precious loose leaf tea then the Blomus Utilo Tea stick is a perfect thing for you. Made of steel and plastic, this tea stick is bag-less and it helps in the brewing of loose leaf. The Blomus Utilo Tea Stick is priced at around $19.

9. Arta Tea Infuser + Saucer

Arta Tea Infuser + Saucer

The Arta Tea Infuser + Saucer is the modern and innovative replacement for the bags and baskets which have been in use for years now. You need to fill tea leaves in the pod and the saucer is then turned upside down over a cup of tea. The pod is made of stainless, while the saucer is made of ceramic. The pod can hold two teaspoons of tea leaves.

10. Tea Bag Tea Infuser

Tea Bag Tea Infuser

Designed by Danish designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek, the Tea Bag Tea Infuser can be used to reduce waste as it has a disposable stainless steel strainer shaped like a tea bag. It is ideal for brewing leaf tea. This tea infuser can be filled with loose tea leaves easily and you can clean this tea infuser in the dishwater as well. This tea infuser is available for sale online.