10 trendy teapots and kettle designs for your tea parties

Trendy teapots and kettles

Ingenuity, creativity, serenity and longevity have one thing in common – ‘tea’! Tea has a glorious history behind it and tea-drinking is a favorite among millions in the world. Here we present 10 wonderfully and creatively designed teapots and kettles that are sure to enliven all your tea parties.

1. Dusi tea kettle

Dusi Tea Kettle

Blending the traditional style with modern ease and aesthetic looks, designer Juliet Symes has come up with a piece of crockery that is fascinating to look at! Dubbed as the Dusi Tea Kettle, it is made from high quality, double walled, borosilicate glass and has a copper bottom to ensure perfect conduction of heat. A stainless steel scoop and holder complete this fascinating teapot. It is easy to use. All the user has to do is to take water with tea powder in the pot and place it on the stove to boil. Remove the infuser and the kettle changes into a serving teapot.

2. Turtle tea kettle

Turtle tea kettle

The famous fable narrates how a tortoise wins a race against a hare because it is slow and steady. This “turtle” is fast and steady! You can brew either loose-leaf tea or compressed tea in a jiffy. Place water in the kettle and allow it to boil. Then, pull out the spout which holds in it a strainer with an attached timer in the front. Add the tea leaves or powder into the strainer, set the timer and fit back the spout. When the time is up, the timer top pops open. The kettle doubles up as a teapot from which you can serve.

3. One tea kettle

One tea kettle

What seems like a plain-looking porcelain container will stun you with its transformation in a few moments. This unique looking kettle is coated with thermal ink patterns that appear on its sides on reaching a particular temperature. It is almost as if the kettle is rejoicing the making of tea! An intuitive magnetic trivet is present at the base of the kettle and it fastens to the base only when hot. The kettle can be placed directly on a table without coasters. The chemistry students out there are sure to love this teapot which takes them on a ride into nostalgia.

4. Terrorist teapot

Terrorist Teapot

This kettle is a real bomb! The first glance will justify its name. With menacing looks, it destroys the myth that teapots are for grannys and nannys! It is also wrapped with a ‘balaclava’ that will ensure that your tea remains hot for long. Available at $39, this is a real novel designing.

5. Creativi*tea


Sarina Fiero has arrived with the design of this stainless steel pot which has a soft rubber handle which is heat resistant. It has a ceramic base for better heating and utilizes thermochromic technology for an indicator. The red kettle turns more luminescent as it heats up. It has also been calibrated to provide the perfect heating for your tangy tea. The spout is neat and elegant, combining modern design elements.

6. Hot streak kettle

Hot Streak Kettle

Here is a porcelain kettle designed by Gareth Battensby with its vibrant colors and terrific design. It is part of the campaign by Gareth’s university to utilize ceramics in an innovative manner. The heating element has been designed with a honeycomb structure so that the heating is uniform and quick. Another innovation that has been brought in are the three movable parts which can be adjusted depending on the amount of liquid inside. This helps to reduce the heat requirements and save energy.

7. Sorapot teapot

Sorapot Teapot

Using borosilicate Pyrex glass, food grade silicone and stainless steel, this teapot looks like a wonderful aquarium! You can watch and enjoy the beauty of your tea being brewed and sit mesmerized as you watch the tea spreading its flavor and color to the liquid. The architecture is so simple, yet elegant and the beauty comes at a price of $200 to be precise. The Sorapot is perfect for a cold day, for a romantic couple and it holds 11 ounces of warming tea.

8. Ceramic electric kettle

Ceramic electric kettle

A samovar is a Russian device that is used to heat water and make tea. Made to look like one, this kettle is really traditional in its looks and ‘electric’ in its appeal. It is made entirely out of white ceramic and has a detachable water tank to aid cleaning and filling. Its shape is such that it takes up very little shelf space and its design is so aesthetic that you may never place it as a decorative piece rather than in a shelf!

9. Zygo teapot

Zygo teapot

Here is a ‘pure teapot’ design. A smooth, central stainless steel sphere is the container to hold tea and there is a beautiful ceramic frame that holds it. It looks so serene and meditative that you may think that you have arrived at the home of some Zen master when you see it! And it is meant to calm you nerves with a personal, spiritual and meditative tea drinking experience.

10. Tea Orbs

Tea Orbs

Daniel Bailey has come up with a revolutionary concept to make tea using Chinese traditions. The concept is literally ‘revolutionary’ as you roll the large orb with a relatively smaller orb. Through the process of induction cooking, the tea inside the kettle gets heated. At the same time, you can relieve your stress as you roll the orbs in the palms of your hands. And finally, when you are done at tea time, you need not lock the Orb in the locker. It could decorate your counter top!

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