Eight artistic glass tiles giving a sense of wonder to modern decor

Glass tile

In olden times we had only clay tiles which had limited scope and created a retro and rustic feel to our interiors. Times have changed and we have a medley of interesting options when it comes to tiles. Tiles of varying textures, materials and colors now grace our interiors and they add a sparkling touch to the entire decor and make it stand out with their innovation and beauty.

Listed below are eight glass tiles that are wonderfully modern and creates a glazed and fluid environment that is in tandem with modernity.

1. Glass tile backsplash by Evit


These circular, bubble shaped tiles are the creation of an Italian company Evit, specializing in modern bathroom tiles. They are spectacular with bubble formations in varied shapes and with variety in background color as well. The shapes range from honeycomb design with pointed sides, shards of glass with razor sharp edges, smooth and curvy circular shapes, gleaming metallic, etc. The round and the angular watercube styles of tiles of tiles are available in great variety of 69 colors. The tiles are available in sizes 300 x 300 mm and 300 x 100 mm. Perfect for bathrooms and spacious display areas with fountains, they add a touch of the ultimate and create beautiful textures and shapes that are stunning to look at.

2. Colored and clear glass tiles by Vetrocolor


The Vetrocolor glass tiles add vibrant colors to your bathrooms which remained hitherto unexplored. The reds, blues and yellows are wonderfully suited for modern bathrooms and add a unique and ‘far from the ordinary’ look to your personalized bathrooms. They are beautiful additions in a kid’s bathroom.

The glass used is tinted in various shades and hence has a fluid and transparent look that catches reflections of light hat falls on it. The tiles are also coated with a metallic tint which makes it glow through the thick glass base and create shiny reflections all around as well. They are available in very bright hues that can pep up any bland atmosphere immediately and add a touch of playfulness to the entire atmosphere.

3. Artistic glass tiles by NellaVetrina


These beautiful glass tiles created by NellaVetrina have textured Murano Glass tiles that are created in Italy. They can be added to any space and they immediately create a stunning, yet wonderfully futuristic look with their dewy surface and the multicolored oval patterns that are thrown at random on the pebbly surface.

Experiment with different lighting arrangements and enjoy the play of reflections and shadows on the glazed and textured surface. They can immediately add a touch of sparkle to the entire room. Great for hotel lobbies, long vacant spaces, big living rooms and even bathrooms, they are also highly customizable and hence can create varying looks as per your desire.

4. Moving color glass tile

Moving Color glass tile

The moving color glass tiles are inspired form Northern lights that occur in the dark skies in the polar regions. The play of colors in the glittery sky is replicated in the moving tile as it is subjected to varying temperatures. At room temperature, the moving color glass tile is black in color.

However when they are in contact with warm water, they display a breathtaking kinesthetic with varying hues blinking away in split seconds. Depending on the variation in temperature ranging from cold to hot, there are a variety of shades that giving varying combination and effects. They are beautiful tiles for people who want variety every other day. These 4 x 4 sized glass tiles are the creation of Moving Color and named as Northern Lights.

5. Back painted glass tiles by Edgewater


These trellis shaped glass tiles are extremely customizable as they are back painted and can thus be painted in any hue you prefer. Created by Edgewater, a Vancouver based company. Any pattern and color can be mixed and matched with these glass painted tiles and your own signature creations can be developed with intricate inlay details of your choice.

The flexibility of creating any color and shade to match the interiors that you are planning makes this a great proposition which as almost impossible a few years ago. The back painted glass tiles are the best way to create a personalized space for yourself that defines your personality to the T.

6. Glass tile from Lightstreams


Imitating rippling waters, they create and impression that you are stepping on moving water. Created by Lightsterams, they are made by melting the glass to create a rippling pattern on the surface. The rippling glass creates a play of light and shade which forms the rippling effect with the catching of reflections that fall on its surface.

They can be created in varied sizes of your choice and are also available in over sixty color palettes which mean that they can be customized to suit almost all interiors and colors. They are beautiful tiles that can be used in bathrooms, halls where there are fountains in the interiors, landscapes that create a wet and naturally rippling effect and anywhere else you deem fit.

7. Classy mosaic bathroom tiles by Glassdecor


Glass tiles with a difference! Glassdecor tiles are mosaic tiles that create images from nature that are sometimes even 3 dimensional. These mosaic tiles create a virtual feeling of natural surroundings. They are suited for outdoors likes swimming pools, halls, bathrooms and other areas as they create a realistic portrait that is very stunning and admirable. Choose the best color and image that suits your personality. They can immediately create a vibrancy and natural feel to your surroundings.

8. Glass tiles from SICIS


The most vibrant and breathtaking of the whole lot, these glass tiles from SICIS have stunning floral patterns that create perfect art on the entire walls. These huge floral patterns on the walls are suited for all kinds of interiors and create a fairytale atmosphere with their vivid colors and ‘larger than life’ portrayal of flower images like sunflowers, gerberas, daisies, poppies and what not!

With their rich colors and overall feel, they can be a bit overpowering to the normal eye. But for an artistic and imaginative person, such renderings are all that they need to enter into a rapturous and creative phase.

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