21 Air curtain cabin spins invisible air curtain while having shower

Air  Curtain Cabin


Luo Jing, Liu Yi and Jiang Yuning


Air curtain shower is a unique and hi-tech shower/ spa inside a Fantasy Cabin born from the combined efforts of Liu Yi, Luo Jing and Jiang Yuning. It is a shower cabin with ring shaped air curtain, which uses airflow of traditional glass walls. The airflow sprays out from the bottom of the shower and forms an air curtain to keep water from spattering outside. The open showering space gives the user a brand new feeling of freedom. When not in use the temporary air curtain can be easily removed to make the space in your washroom much larger.

What’s unique

An invisible air curtain, created by the unique airflow system, prevents water getting outside the shower. Moreover, it comes with a unique feature where the water temperature automatically adjusts as per the room temperature. Hence, it can also be used as sauna due to its built-in heating system.

High points

As the cabin is virtual, the bathroom seems bigger and more spacious when the shower is not in use. This device provides awesome showering experience underneath a 360-degree discharge of water. The open space showering is main motto of this design to enjoy the space freedom as you are not confined under any partition, Moreover this is a very good enhancement in a showering style and will be a great fun for a techy freak while bathing in this virtual cabin.

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