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3 Tips For Creating A Smart Luxury Home

Creating A Smart Luxury Home

Smart homes filled with connected appliances are the future. Smart home appliances allow people from all demographics to enjoy an upgrade in the quality of their lives. While most Americans buy basic smart appliances like thermostats and security systems, a new level of smart appliances has entered the market: luxury smart appliances.

These high-end appliances do more than connect to the internet. For example, a refrigerator made by LG, now sold at Bloomingdale’s, reveals its contents through a glass panel when the user knocks twice on the door. The user can swipe their foot on a floor-mounted sensor and the door will open automatically.

Can you picture how easy it would be to make breakfast for your family with that kind of refrigerator? It would be a breeze to put away large containers with two hands. Imagine how easy life would be if your home was filled with luxury smart appliances.

Here are some tips to start building your own luxury smart home:

1. Select appliances that will make your life easier

electric stoveThe first appliances you buy should make your life easier. For example, LG has a large range that functions as both electric and gas. If you’re frustrated with the inconsistency of your flat-top electric stove, but don’t want to give up the conveniences it offers, LG’s dual stove is the best of both worlds. Use gas when you need more control over the temperature, and electric when it’s not as important.

When buying new appliances, cover your basic needs first by replacing appliances that frustrate you. Appliances with broken or damaged hoses and motors should be the first to go.

If you’re buying a new property to create a smart home, get an appliance inspection before moving in. You’ll need to use existing appliances for a period of time before you replace them. Make sure they are in good working order. Don’t waste money fixing existing appliances when you’re planning on upgrading the whole house.

2. Find smart appliances that will make your daily routine less hectic

Find smart appliancesWhat does your morning routine look like? Is it full of back-to-back tasks to get out the door in hopes of beating traffic? What slows you down in the morning? Do you make a pot of coffee, or stop at a drive-thru on the way to work?

It takes time to brew coffee, and even more time to sit in line at the drive-thru. No matter how fast the baristas are inside, you’ll quickly get trapped in a long line of cars with no hope of escape. It will probably happen when you’re already late, too.

If you must have your cup of coffee in the morning, get a programmable coffee maker that you can control with an app on your phone like this one from Behmor. Prep the grounds at night before you go to sleep. When your morning alarm goes off, push a button to start brewing fresh coffee.

The difference between programming a standard coffee maker to brew coffee at a set time and being able to start brewing with an app can make or break the flavor of your coffee. Nobody likes coffee that’s been stewing for a while. What if you wake up a half hour later than usual? Your coffee will taste bad, and you’ll have to brew another pot.

If you’re an espresso fanatic, buy your own espresso machine like the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti. It’s a fully automatic machine that steams and froths milk, grinds your beans, and brews espresso. With an app, you can control the flavor strength, volume of coffee, temperature, and amount of froth. Create profiles to save preferences for up to six people.

3. Find appliances that will relieve your burdens

strenuous commuteAmericans don’t want to be stressed out all the time, and that’s what makes smart appliances appealing; they take away a piece of life’s burdens.

Americans are over-burdened when it comes to daily routines involving work. The routine is basic. Get up early, shower, eat breakfast, commute to work, get home late, go to bed, and repeat everything the next day. It’s a routine that takes a toll on mental and physical health. According to the Robert Half human resources consulting firm, 23% of American workers have quit a job because of a long or strenuous commute.

While there’s no smart appliance that can eliminate a commute, eliminating other burdens makes a commute seem less hectic.

Have fun with your appliances

When you live a busy life, building a smart luxury home will improve your level of comfort and add more joy to your life. Smart appliances are fun, so give yourself permission to splurge.

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