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3 Ways to Unclog a Toilet

Santa Monica residents have a lot going for them, from their amazing oceanfront views and blue skies to their beaches, parks and piers. We should never forget about their picturesque landscapes and million dollar homes. It is no wonder when they need help they look for the very best.


Let’s say your toilet is not flushing properly, or worse you have a clogged toilet. Chances are the clog is can be a simple fix, otherwise it may be something more serious or a clog you just cannot get to. We all know it is embarrassing to have the plumber come over to fix your toilet so try any of these three methods to unclog your toilet.


The Plunger Method:  This is normally the first reaction most have as soon as the toilet does not flush it all down or begins to overflow. Make sure the toilet is not overflowing or close to overflowing. Take the lid off the top of the toilet to ensure your flapper is sealed. Leaving the flapper open will continue to pour more water in your toilet and cause it to overflow and leave you a mess. Many times the plunger method will work for most houses.  A smaller clog will just need an extra push through the drain and should work quickly.


1. Get a bucket/pot filled with water and have it ready.

2. Plunge vigorously fifteen to twenty times.

3. Pour water from bucket into the bowl until there is no water (it drains) or until you are in danger of overflowing the toilet.

4. Repeat plunging 2-3 more times, if necessary.

5. If the water runs through it try flushing and get ready to repeat if necessary, however if it goes through just fine you no longer have a clogged toilet.


The Dish Soap Method: Unbelievably a little dish soap can go a long way when it comes to household issues and this includes unclogging a toilet.

1. Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the toilet such as dawn dish soap and wait about 10 minutes before doing anything else.

2. Take a bucket or pot of hot water (not boiling) and pour it into the bowl at waist high to give the water force as it tries going down the drain. Make sure not to burn yourself as you pour the water in.

3. Plunge the toilet vigorously about 15 times to see if it goes down. Repeat the plunging a few more times if it did not work.


Baking Soda and Vinegar Method:

1.Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into your toilet bowl.

2.Pour 1/2 cup vinegar into the bowl. Do not be surprised when it starts to fizz, mixing these two ingredients will do that. Wait about 5-10 minutes before moving to step 3.

3. Pour a bucket/pot of warm water into the toilet about waist high. If it goes down the clog is gone, if not repeat the process one more time.


If these three methods to unclogging a toilet did not work and you do not feel comfortable using a snake call the plumber to have him come look at it. This could be a bigger problem than just a bit of toilet paper or feces in the pipe. Santa Monica  plumbing emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, don’t let the issue be a simple clog you can fix yourself.


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