How to Maintain Your Lawn in Summers

The lawn is like a frame to your picture perfect house. Ignoring the lawn during long summer months could be a big mistake. The heat can make the grass lose moisture and its natural luster. Wrong mowing techniques and lack of care can ruin your lawn during the summer months. During the spring, you have to work on the growth of grass and shrubbery around the lawn.


Summer months are all about careful maintenance of the grassland you have nurtured. If you do not live in tropical settings then rain is not going to keep the lawn fresh throughout the summer. Scarcity of rain makes it mandatory that you use sprinklers for showering the grass with water. You can introduce many small and big changes in the daily routine of lawn care. In the following, we have discussed some vital lawn care tips.

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Evaluate the lawn before planning:

The size, shape, location and condition of your lawn are some necessary factors that you need to take into consideration before planning the methods of care. Also, find out the kind of grass that is best suited for the part of the world where you reside. In the US, gardeners and homeowners can use the Plant Zone to seek for growing plants and grass. To keep your garden look beautiful, you must learn about the soil and amount of water required for growing grass.

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Summer distresses and professional help:

Summer months are usually distressful for the green lawns. You have to find the badly affected areas of the lawn by sunrays. Summer is also the time of the year when the bugs attack the grass and plants and suck them dry. Disease that spreads only during summer may also affect your lawn. If you cannot tackle these sorts of summer distresses alone, then seek professional help from the lawn care service providers.

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Landscaping looks great without a lawn:

A lawn is not necessary to make the outdoor areas of your home look good. Even without a lawn, you can use landscaping methods and make it interesting. Find some suitable shrubbery and flowering plants for the area around your home. If your budget permits create a small pool and sitting area under the shade of a tree. Flowering shrubberies make the dullest plots of land look great.

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Water with care:

A moderately big lawn requires one-inch water every week. The homeowners can use rain gauge or a simple straight tin can for measuring the amount of water present in the lawn. Always water the lawn early in the morning so that the soil soaks it in.

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Mow it perfectly:

You must not mow more than one third of the grass leaves above the ground. Do not mow too often. Increase the height of the mower because small grasses cannot protect the soil from sunrays. Longer grass can offer shade to the soil in summer and prevent the weeds from growing.

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Don’t remove the clippings:

Do not use chemical fertilizers in summer but let the clippings stay where they fall. The heat will make them dematerialize faster and fertilize the soil.

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Avoid mulling the grass:

Do not trade on the grass or park your car in the lawn. This makes the grass die due to pressure. The carbon dioxide gas from cars can kill the grass. To avoid stepping on the lawn use stepping-stones and build a driveway.


To keep the lawn fresh and green in hot summers, homeowners must take the proper care of it. Mowing, watering and using shades are some easy ways.

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