4 Types of Swimming Pools You Can Have in Your Backyard

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Who doesn’t love a good swim? If you have space in your backyard, and an ambition to turn that space into something spectacular, a swimming pool is the best thing you can have out there!

But, with so many swimming pool ideas and designs, choosing the right kind of pool for your house can get confusing.

That’s why we have compiled a list of all kinds of amazing, striking, and beautiful swimming pools for you. Have a look below!

1. Feel infinite with infiniti pools

Infiniti pools give the illusion of infinity – like an ocean. These pools disappear (or appear to disappear) at the edge of the backyard or terrace.

If you live in a storied house with a huge terrace space, you can install an infiniti pool there. Imagine staring at the world below you from the depths of a beautiful pool that appears unending. It’s a beautiful feeling!

2. Have a passionate workout session in lap pools

lap-poolsLap pools are the dream workout space for every water baby in the world. If you are passionate about working out while indulging in a fun swimming session, lap pool is the right kind of pool for you.

These pools are rectangular in shape, which enables you to perform your morning laps with ease. They look plain and simple; but they are equally efficient when it comes to their function.

Don’t forget, sometimes, simple is stylish. The same goes for lap pools.

3. Take a small dive in plunge pools

Not everyone has acres of backyard space outside their homes. But does that mean that you have to compromise on your dream pool?


Go for plunge pools if space poses a restraint in your backyard. These pools are small square-shaped ones, and though you can’t swim to your whims in these pools, you can definitely unwind and relax inside these.

Just take a plunge in the plunge pool to rejuvenate yourself!

And if you struggling to build custom pools in Salt Lake City, Utah, don’t fret. There’s always a great set of services to bring your dream pool to life outside your home.

4. Go indoors with indoor swimming pools

indoor-swimming-poolsContrary to not having much space outside their homes, there are those who have excess space – both outside and inside.

If that’s the case with you, why not opt for some innovation? Maybe, you can opt for an indoor swimming pool!

Not only indoor swimming pools look unique and extraordinary, but they also remain unaffected by the temperatures outside the home. How great is that?!

To summarize

There are so many kinds of pools to choose from for those who love a good swim. Understand the space in/outside your house, look at what kind of pool fits your requirements the most, and begin the installation process.

If you are not well-versed with the installation specifications, don’t worry – just look for good swimming pool installation services around you.

And, you are all set!

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